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Lion Class


January 2019

This half term the children have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We made Chinese dragons out of collage materials.  We retold the story using props.

We have also had a Chinese restaurant role play.  The children have been adding two amounts together and doubling amounts of money. 


They have also been using their writing skills to write down children’s orders.    We have also been reading instructions and trying to use chopsticks. 


November 2018

This term has been very exciting as we have been learning about different festivals such as ; Halloween, Bonfire night and Diwali. We have had a spooky potion shop/role play area where we have added and mixed ingredients to make magic. We have used the sounds that we know to write potions and lists of ingredients for a witch to use. We made firework pictures using a paint computer program and  marble tray painting.


We also celebrated Diwali and we heard the story to Rama and Sita. We made Rangoli patterns and re-told the story using puppets.

It is getting colder and we have a hot chocolate shop that sells hot chocolate and biscuits. We have been using 1p coins to pay for the items.


September/October 2018

Lion class have settled really well to school life and have been busy learning all about Africa and Autumn this term.

We have learnt about a range of animals and looked at our class animal.  We have made lion paintings and have read 'Handa’s Surprise'. We looked closely at describing the African animals and noticing some similarities and differences between different animals.


We enjoyed Earth song and learning how to play drums and making music and dancing.


We enjoyed our autumn walk and have been able to notice what happens when the season changes. We went on a hunt and ticked off what we saw at the park. We used litter pickers to help collect the leaves in the playground and have made leaf rubbings too.




May 2018

We are beginning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been using meter sticks and centimetres to measure how tall we are and then comping who was the shortest and tallest. We have been estimating how many cubes fit into cubes and counting by counting in 1s and 2s.   

April 2018

We have really enjoyed going to the farm especially eating our lunch! Some of our highlights were going on a bumpy tractor ride, stroking and meeting small farm animals and having fun with our friends. Thank you to all the parents who come along and made your trip great.


Lion class have written some information about their favourite animal including facts about what they looked like and where they lived.  We have been making farm animals using a range of media using collage materials and pastels.

March 2018

We have been having so much fun! Outside we have been fixing and repairing bikes. We used our knowledge of tricky words and phonics read books about vehicles and bikes. We talked about how our bikes and scooters are similar and how to keep safe on them in and outside of school.

We were very shocked by the changing weather outside. We had snow! We had soooooo much fun making and measuring how long our and others footprint were using cubes and centimetres.

January 2018

During January we enjoyed reading the 'Naughty Bus'. Lion class have made some nice drawings of the bus and used collage material to make unique bus collages. We are very talented in making 3D buses. Lion class were able to say what they liked about their work.

Lion class have been retelling the story of 'The Gruffalo'. They have used puppets and masks to retell the story to their partner and teacher. We love hearing the children telling each other their favourite stories.

An example:

Ishan retelling 'The Gruffalo':
“A mouse went to the deep dark wood a fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. A Gruffalo why didn’t you know he has terrible claws, where are you meeting him, oh here by this rock. Why didn’t you know there is no such thing as a Gruffalo. Meeting him here by this stream and his favourite food is owl ice cream.”


December 2017

Miss Maccaw and Miss Maycock were really impressed with how hard Lion Class tried to sing beautifully and learn their lines for the Christmas play. Well done Lion Class, we are very proud of you.

We have been inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have designed our own Andy Goldsworthy collage and then made it outside. When we changed our design we told each other why and what we liked.

Not only have we been witches in our own witches castle, outside we have been witches and wizards following recipes to make our own magical spells and turning each other into frogs and goblins. We have showed eachother how to order numbers from 1 to 20. We are getting much better at recognising our numbers!

October 2017

Wow, what a busy start to the year! In Lion Class we have been making new friends and learning how to behave in our new class.

We have looked closely at lions and used a range of collage materials to create our own lions. When painting our lions, we used different thickness of brush for different body parts and carefully adapted our lions to make them even better. Some of us with our finished art work have been in the Golden book of achievement.


We have been learning our phonemes and graphemes. We have been writing our letter shapes outside and inside using chalk, glitter and other media. The children have been proudly singing the letter songs to each other and while they have been writing lists.


July 2017

They started as eggs, then became caterpillars. The caterpillars turned into crysalises and finally into butterflies.


We looked after them and fed them and after a few days let them go. We went into the nature garden and watched them fly away. 

Bye Bye Butterflies, we will miss you!


"I loved the butterflies because they were beautiful". Mya


"Maybe they've gone to a flower garden to get some nectar". Cristina


"We let them go and they flew away. First they were a caterpillar and then they got big. Then they went in a cocoon and then they hatched into a butterfly". Ocean


April 2017

What a fabulous day we had at Bockett's Farm, we did so much. We stroked lambs and small animals, we saw a nanny goat being milked, we went on a tractor ride around the farm. We even watched a pig race!





March 2017

Lion class visited the school wildlife garden today looking for sign s of spring. We found daffodils, tulips, bugs in the Bug Hotel and lots of sprouting buds! We'll come back soon to see more flowers and bugs!





It was World Book Day today. Lots of Lion class children came dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had characters from Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. 

Little Red Riding Hood   

We also had Burgler Bill and some princesses.


Lots of superheroes!


We even had a troll!

As well as ...



January 2017

This half term we have been learning about transport, especially buses. We have been writing all about the Naughty Bus. He does lots of naughty things and we have all taken photos of the naughty places he has been. Can you guess where he is?


For our bear topic we were allowed to bring our Teddy Bears into school, even Ms Brown! They stayed at school all week and slept in our Letterland School. We are now writing about their amazing adventures.




What a busy time we had! Lion class and Elephant class joined together to put on a fantastic school nativity play called Whoops a Daisy Angel. Lots of parents attended and the children were amazing!


Our Christmas at school was so much fun,  we had a visit from Santa and we even went to see a pantomime, Dick Whittington, in the big hall! We had our Christmas party with food and lots of dancing.



Trip to the Post Office

What an exciting day! We wrote letters to Santa and counted out 55p for a stamp. Then we walked to the post office, bought a stamp and posted our letters. It was freezing cold but everyone dressed warmly and walked sensibly. We can't wait for our reply from Santa!




Fire Safety Visitor 18.11.16

Today we were very lucky to have a talk by a firefighter all about fire safety at home. We learned about smoke alarms and that we should never play with fire. We watched a brilliant Playmobil film called 'To the Rescue'.




Parents Visit to Reception 8th November 2016

Today we had lots of parents visit us to see our amazing learning in reception. The children were very proud to show their grownups their lovely classroom and all their busy learning activities.



Autumn Walk

Today we went on our Autumn walk around St Dunstans recreation ground. We saw lots of nature! Acorns, many different coloured leaves, squirrels, berries and holly.

A big thank you to the parents for coming with us.




In October we had Earthsong visit it us with their amazing African instruments. The children clapped, danced and played African instruments.


Welcome to Lion Class!

We have been learning so much since we started in September. We have learned all about Lions, where they live, what they eat, what noises they make and how they move.

We have even made our own lion picture from paint and collage.

Busy learning outside is fun - in the sandpit, in our building site and on the obstacle course.


Busy learning inside is also fun! We make pictures​ and do writing on the computer. We practise writing using pens and pencils.


We have also learned how to go into lunch and eat our lunch at school.