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KS1 - Hummingbird Class



January and February 2019

This half-term we have been learning about sound.  We enjoyed writing and acting out our own version of the Biff and Chip book ‘The Headache’. 

We have been playing simple instruments in the music room, listening carefully and following directions to join in with songs.

We have made our own instruments, joining materials using tape and glue. We have enjoyed listening to the different sounds our instruments can make.


November – December 2018

Our topic for this half term has been ‘Night-time’.  We have really enjoyed listening to and re-telling night themed stories such as ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Whatever Next’ and the Percy the Park Keeper story ‘One Snowy Night’.  We had a Percy the Park Keeper role play area where we looked after the animals, feeding them and finding them a cosy place to sleep.  We found out about nocturnal animals, reading information books and writing our own facts. We also did some beautiful paintings.


For the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about Christmas. Our role play area has become an Elf’s workshop and we have been making Christmas decorations and writing cards and letters, as well as developing our fine motor skills.


The children did really well singing, dancing and speaking in our Centre Christmas concert, and they enjoyed watching our visiting school panto this week.


September – October 2018

Our topic for this half term has been ‘Harvest’.  We have looked closely at fruit and vegetables and found out where they grow.  We have had a Tesco role play area and have taken turns to shop and serve, using real fruit and vegetables and real coins to pay for our shopping. Some of us have also tried new fruit and vegetables when having a delicious school dinner.

We have enjoyed listening to, acting out and writing about traditional stories connected to food and Harvest. We did some fantastic paintings for our Enormous Turnip display, and loved having Goldilocks and the Three Bears in our doll’s house..

We have been using some lovely new equipment to help us with our maths work.

Last week we enjoyed a musical workshop with ‘Earthsong’. A real highlight of the year!



 April – May 2018

This half-term we have been learning about minibeasts. 

We went on a minibeast hunt outside – we had to look very carefully!  We thought about why minibeasts  live in certain places – snails seem to like to hide in dark damp places.





We painted pictures of some of the snails that we found. Mr Baker bought her giant snails in for us to look after. We fed them with leaves and fruit, and were careful to look but not touch.

February - March 2018

This half term we were learning about farms. We found out lots of information about animals and how food is grown on farms. We had a pizza take away in our role play area, and found out that the pizza dough is made from wheat. We also made our own mini pizzas, they were yummy!



We went to see the baby chicks which hatched out in Reception, and we are really looking forward to our trip to the farm!

April 2018 - Our trip to the farm!


January - February 2018

Our topic for this half term has been ‘Reflections’.  We have been learning about shape, pattern and symmetry. We have made shape pictures and patterns using different equipment as well as symmetrical models from K’nex. We looked at or reflections in mirrors and even had a fancy dress shop role play area.


 We read lots of stories about winter and painted some fantastic penguin pictures.  We also used our senses to explore ice. It feels very cold and you can see cracks in it.


December 2017

This half term we have been learning about autumn. We went on a walk around the school to look at signs of autumn and we collected leaves to look at and print with.


We have been finding out about woodland animals. We have read information books, written facts, painted pictures and made models. We also followed some simple instructions to make our own bird feeders, which we hung outside.


We have enjoyed maths work using our new ‘Numicon’ equipment.


We have been learning about Christmas, and the Christmas story.  We have listened to stories about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, and we are enjoying practising our Nativity play. We hope you will be able to come and watch us and listen to our lovely singing.


October 2017

Our topic for this half term has been ‘Do you want to be friends’.  We have been learning about making new friends, being kind, being helpful and how we are the same in some ways and different in others.

We thought about using kind words to talk to our friends. We also enjoyed playing games together, taking turns and getting used to winning and losing.


We learned about people who help us at home, at school and in the community. We had a visit from Firefighter Singh and his friend Ted, and learned about what firefighters do to help us and keep us safe. We made our role play area into a doctor’s surgery, and took turns to be the doctor and look after each other. We also went on a walk to find out who helps us at school.