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How to help your child in Reception

How to help your child at home

There are ways in which you can help support you child with their learning at home.


  • Your child will be sent home either an early reader or an Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) book in their green book bag.

Early reader – This will help your child to:

  • talk about the cover.
  • talk about the pictures on each page.
  • turn the pages singly.
  • pick up the pattern of the story.
  • run their finger under print.
  • use the picture clues

ORT books – These will help your child to:

  • continue to use the skills mentioned above.
  • point to each word. 
  • to learn the words that are sent home.

ORT sight words

  • Children need to be able to read these words by sight, not blend them (sound them out).
  • They do not need to learn to write them.  
  • ORT 1 and ORT 2 words are on the website.

Library book

  • Please read this to your child. 
  • Talk about what is happening in the story, the characters, what they think might happen next in the story.

Fine motor skills

Developing children’s finger strength and their hand-eye co-ordination will prepare them for writing letter shapes. Here are some ideas to develop fine motor skills:

  • Lego - fixing bricks together.
  • Playdough – rolling, pinching, moulding (recipe on the website).
  • Money box - slotting coins into a box.
  • Beads - threading onto pipe cleaners/string.
  • Wool - punch holes into card and thread wool/string through the holes.

Writing letter shapes

If you are practising letter shapes at home with your child, please practise lower case letters not capitals.


  • Counting up to 10– count anything around the home eg spoons, books, toys, steps.
  • Comparing groups up to 5 - collecting 2 groups of objects e.g bricks, coins.

Counting how many in each group and say who has more, who has fewer.

  • 1 more/1 less - count a group of objects and then say 1 more/ 1 less.
  • Counting forwards and back to 5 .

Sing number songs e.g 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little ducks, 5 little men in a flying saucer.

Shape, Space and measure

Compare measurements of objects using the language:

  • Height -short/shorter/shortest/tall/taller/tallest.
  • Length - short/shorter/shortest/long/longer/longest.
  • Weight – light/lighter/lightest/heavy/heavier/heaviest