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Hedgehog Class




Enchanted Woodland

Painshill Park 18/6/18


When we arrived at Painshill Park we walked over a beautiful bridge and put our things in the cloakroom. We then had a health and safety talk and we were told not to eat anything we find and to look out for ‘stingy thingys’ (stinging nettles).


The first thing we did was build mini deans in dens. We needed to find sticks, grass and leaves and it needed to be big enough for our hands to fit underneath it. Lisa then poured water over it to see if it was waterproof or not.





After mini dens we needed to build big dens – ‘DEN DEN DEN’ – but first we needed to collect long grass to help build them.



We needed to work as a team and help each other. We had to find long sticks to use as the walls for the den. We needed to create a door and find things to use as furniture for the inside. We needed to build a strong roof which would keep the den waterproof.





We had to think of a name for our dens and then when it was finished, get inside and Lisa asked us three questions:

  1. Is your den super strong?
  2. Is your den warm and cosy?
  3. Is your den WATERPROOF?

Lisa tested whether or not our dens were waterproof by pouring a bucket over the den. Some people got a bit wet! Some people hid under a poncho.


After den building, we all ate our lunch and played in the forest area.



In the afternoon, we met Adam. He took us on a fairy tale story walk around the park. He was very funny and had lots of props in his bag. We played a game where we needed to use our imagination and find ingredients to make gingerbread men, and then a fox came to chase and eat the gingerbread men!


One child dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and we set off on a mission to find Grandma’s house. Along the way, we thought we saw a beanstalk growing in the distance and imagined we were the giant. We also found a Princess Castle and one child pretended to be Sleeping Beauty and the rest of us needed to wake her up!



We looked for ‘magical unicorn horns’ and continued on our mission to find Grandma’s house.


We found it! At first we thought we had found Grandma but then we quickly realised it was actually a wolf!



The wolf chased us all the way back to the tearoom where some of us thought we saw a glimpse of Grandma having a cup of tea! We collected our things and got back on the coach to school. It was a very busy day!



Summer 1

London Topic

The children in Hedgehog Class have loved busy learning outside during this topic. Their favourite area by far has been the London Waterloo Tube Station role play area.


The children have to read the list of stations (using their blending skills), find the price for where they want to go, pay for it (using the least amount of coins as possible). They then go down the ‘escalator’ and onto the imaginary train. They children need to ‘find’ their destination by hunting around the outside area for the sign with their station name. We even had an information office with lots of leaflets and maps for tourist spots around London (thank you to Carlos’ Mum for donating them for us!).

Everybody was very excited about the tea party with The Queen! All children wrote an invitation to The Queen and even looked up directions for her travel on the ipad. 


The children made decorations such as bunting, flowers and flags for the special day. They also baked scones and made sandwiches to eat at the tea party.




Some children shared some of the work we have been doing in class with The Queen including portraits they had painted of her, biographies they had written about her and newspaper reports about the birth of her new grandson, Prince Louis!

It was wonderful to see so many parents at the class assembly. We hoped you enjoyed finding out a little bit about what the children have been learning and seeing our re-enactment of the tea party!


It has been a wonderful time to be learning about London and The Royal family. During the topic The Queen celebrated her 92nd birthday, Prince Louis was born and there was a Royal Wedding! Hopefully the children have been sharing their excitement about it with you at home.


During the topic the children have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They have all read non-fiction books about the events, considered the importance of eye-witnesses in history by learning about Samuel Pepys and his diary, written their own reports about the Great Fire of London and created collage artwork of the Great Fire.


The children considered the reasons for the fire spreading. They know that the houses were made from wood and were very close together, which with a strong wind meant the fire spread for 4 days. They  know that we have learnt from history and houses are now made from brick /stone/clay.

The children took part in a drama workshop where they re-enacted the events of the Great Fire in 1666.



We have got wedding fever in Year 1 and our Religious Education topic this term has been ‘Weddings’. Thank you so much to the parents who sent in photos of their weddings! The children have learnt about the traditions and customs for wedding ceremonies for Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish weddings. They have really enjoyed dressing up in some of the traditional dress and acting out parts of the ceremonies. We are looking forward to watching Harry and Meghan’s Christian wedding!


Sikh Wedding                                                                                    Hindu Wedding

 Christian Wedding


Spring 2

It has been an exciting time in Hedgehog Class over the last half term. Our topic has been ‘Dinosaurs’ and children have been interested to learn about different types of dinosaurs and how we can tell them apart e.g. carnivores have sharp teeth to eat meat.

Their interest was truly sparked by the visitor who brought his fossils in to show the children. They had their own brushes and had a go at being a ‘palaeontologist’ themselves. They uncovered carnivore, herbivore and other life fossils and tried to figure out which dinosaur they would have belonged to.

Later on, another special visitor arrived with some life-size friends! Jack and Sophie – I’m sure you heard all about them!

As part of their science lessons, they have learnt that dinosaurs are reptiles and went on to learn about all of the animal groups; mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.

In History, the children have learnt about the life of Mary Anning, a British woman who is now regarded as the greatest fossil hunter ever. She found many fossils on the beaches of Dorset.

In Geography the children have learnt where some dinosaur fossils have been uncovered and named the continents. Your child should know that we live in Europe!

In computing the children have been creating algorithms to direct a dinosaur around the screen on an app and they have been making stop motion dinosaur movies using the ipads.

In art the children have learnt to sculpture a 3D model of a dinosaur which many children found quite challenging!

That is only a taster of what the children have been learning about this term. They have also enjoyed busy learning around the classroom inside and outside where they have been able to practise skills we have taught them in lesson time as well as learn new ones. Many of the children enjoyed learning to recite poems and some even performed them for us.

These children are playing a sharing game in the maths busy learning area using dinosaur eggs. We created a dinosaur themed shop and children worked in pairs to pay for 2 or 3 items at a time using addition strategies we had taught them including doubling , and near doubling. They then had to figure out the best way to pay using the least amount of coins as possible.

The children loved reading an array of non-fiction books to find out facts about their favourite dinosaurs and then created their own fact-files.

These children are painting dinosaur landscapes and dinosaurs during busy learning time.

It was so lovely to see so many parents in our class to work with your children. I hope you all enjoyed your time with us and got a feel for what it is like in Hedgehog Class.

Our topic for RE this half term was Easter. The children learnt the Christian story of Easter story from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. The children made their own palm leaves and enjoyed acting out the welcoming of Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. They also thought about how they welcome special people in their own lives and how they might welcome Jesus if he arrived in Feltham today. The children enjoyed their visit to St. Dunstan’s church where they learnt about the Easter Story in some more detail. They learnt about Jesus’ last supper and ate some bread together. Thank you again to everybody who volunteered to accompany us on the visit. 

Hedgehog Class enjoyed World Book Day (despite the snow) and there were some marvellous costumes! The children explored characters in their favourite books, shared books with friends, wrote book reviews and created a story as a whole class using the characters they had dressed up as.

Commonwealth Day was another exciting day in Hedgehog Class! The children learnt all about Jamaica. They made flags and maps, created Jamaican inspired artwork, learnt about famous Jamaican people such as Ussain Bolt and Bob Marley, looked at and tasted exotic fruit grown in Jamaica e.g. mango and pomegranate and made Jamaican rock cakes from scratch. The children also learnt about geographical features of Jamaica and compared St. James (Montego Bay) to Feltham (London).



Space Topic

Hedgehog Class were very excited and intrigued by the Alien Crash landing. They couldn’t wait to get outside and investigate the crash site. The children wrote reports about the incident and described the properties of the materials found. There was lots of mysterious slime and goo! 


After investigating the materials left by the aliens the children made a ‘Welcome to Earth’ box to show the aliens what materials we have here on Earth. They collected objects from around the classroom, named the material and tried to describe some of the  properties. 


It was absolutely wonderful to see so many rockets, planets and telescopes made at home. Well done to everybody who brought a model in! All children had a chance to make a model in class using ‘junk’/recyclable materials. They were very engaged with this busy  learning activity and we have many amazing rockets  hanging from our ceiling. We then moved the children’s DT skills on by teaching all children how to make a model with a moving part. Here is a space buggy with moving wheels and a telescope with a sliding lens




Hedgehog Class love computing and designed their own alien picture using a drawing program on the laptops. They made up a planet and alien using their imagination and needed to use tools and change the thickness of the ‘pen’. Then then gave their alien a fictional name using phonemes they know or by spelling their own name backwards!


The children became very familiar with the story ‘Beegu’. It is a wonderful children’s story about a small alien who is stranded on planet Earth.  The children read the story themselves (if they were able to), wrote a character description, retold the story, created amazing artworks and learnt about how to make someone feel welcome. 



During the  topic we had a planetarium arrive from  the ‘Astronomy Roadshow’. The children were very excited and learnt a lot about space, planets, constellations, the first moon landing and so on. Hedgehog Class were particularly interesting in learning about Tim Peake, a British astronaut who visited the International Space Station. They wrote facts about his life.


Here are some photos of the children busy learning outside. The children are reading facts about the planets to answer questions and buying tickets for a ‘Space Travel Agents’ using real coins.






Autumn 2: Heroes 

We started our superhero topic by coming to school dressed up as heroes. Some children came as real heroes such as firefighters and nurses but lots of children came as their favourite fictional heroes.



The children took part in lots of hero activities that day.


Busy learning…


Writing about their heroes…        

and taking photos of each other using the ipad!

We made up a story together as a class and the children acted it out – holding freeze frames to have their photo taken. We used the photos to make a book. The children loved reading a book featuring themselves as the characters!


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Of course the story had a happy ending!

The children retold the story in their writing lesson:



Hedgehog Class, Autumn 1 ‘The Weather’

Hedgehog Class have now settled well into Year 1. They have made new friends, learnt new routines and rules and are now used to the different structure of the day. Usually the children have 2 lessons a day where they may be recording their work in their books. The morning session is split up with assembly and a phonics lesson and we finish the afternoon with story time each day. The children have lots of opportunities to be ‘busy learning’ inside or outside throughout the week where they choose which activities they would like to do related to the current topic. This half term our topic has been ‘The Weather’.

Inside Busy Learning

The children have enjoyed acting out the weather forecast in the ‘Weather Station’ role-play area. They can stick weather symbols on the map of the UK and use the pretend microphone to describe the weather. Needless to say there have been many forecasts of snowstorms, hurricanes and rainbows! They have also been able to write the weather forecast each day.

Hedgehog Class have been very keen to make their own kites. There are instructions for them to follow. They have a selection of materials to choose from and design and construct their own kites. Many of them have tried them out on windy days outside.



The children have learnt about the cycle of the seasons in the UK. They know it is now autumn and have been looking for signs of autumn outside, reading making autumn art work and using woodland animals to tell autumnal stories.

Outside Busy Learning


The children have been sorting clothes into suitcases suitable for different types of weather and seasons. They have also been trying them on. Below the children have dressed up for spring, summer, autumn and winter.


We used the clothes to make a ‘Seasonal Clothes shop’ where they children needed to buy the items using real money.  D said “I’m going to a cold place!” J said “I’m going to a hot place!



Summer Term


Hedgehog Class met ‘Sophie’ the Tyrannosaurus Rex. She was a life-size puppet of a 7 year old T-Rex. Ivan, the dinosaur expert taught us that T-Rex’s have two claws on their arms but 3 claws on their feet. The children got to stroke Sophie and pose for a roaring photo! The children also met a baby Allosaurus puppet named Jack.


The children took part in a fossil workshop. Ivan showed the children lots of real fossils and explained how they are made. He brought lots of real fossils with him and the children pretended to be palaeontologists by digging for fossils.

The fossils were sorted into categories depending on whether they were carnivores, herbivores, or water dwelling dinosaurs! Ivan showed the children a fossil of dinosaur poo which the children thought was hilarious! He explained poo fossils are very important to palaeontologists because they can find out what the dinosaur had been eating.


The children wrote a recount of the day as part of their English lesson that week. Here is Anirudh’s recount which he wrote independently:

The children in Hedgehog Class have loved the Dinosaur topic and have been incredibly engaged with the lessons and busy learning areas inside and outside. We have a large display of some of the topic work the children have completed in our classroom.

In one science lesson the children were required to carefully label the body parts (and special features) of a dinosaur. Here is Alicia’s diagram. At the bottom she compares a dinosaur body to a human body.


The children have loved reading non-fiction books to find out information about dinosaurs. The children made their own fact files about a dinosaur of their choice which could be included in an encyclopaedia. Motty chose to write her fact file about the Tyrannosaurs Rex.

As well as non-fiction books the children loved reading many fiction story books about dinosaurs. We read some books involving a child having an adventure in a dinosaur world such as, Katie and The Dinosaurs and Land of the Dinosaurs which is a book from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme so you may have read it with your child at home. The children used these books as inspiration to plan and write their own story set in a prehistoric dinosaur world. Anita has included lots of detail and description to make her story interesting.

During a history lesson the children learnt about the significant figure, Mary Anning. She is now described as the best fossil hunter ever. She started hunting for fossils with her family when she was a child before anyone knew what a fossil was. She uncovered the first whole dinosaur skeleton (of an Ichthyosaurus) on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. The children were very impressed with her work. Alfie has written facts about her life below.




Spring Term

London Topic

In keeping with the London topic, we invited ‘The Queen’ to a tea party. The children wrote invitations and drew maps for her to follow from Buckingham Palace to Feltham Hill Infant School. They also made lots of decorations to make it special for the royal visit.


Some children from each class were chosen to do special jobs like greet ‘The Queen’, sit with ‘The Queen’, ask ‘The Queen’ a question, read aloud writing they have done about The Queen and show off some of the maps they had made for her.


We displayed some of the wonderful 3D models of London landmarks which some children had made at home.

The children made cucumber sandwiches and baked scones in class and ate them at the tea party with jam and cream. Everybody thought they were delicious!

The children have really enjoyed the London topic. They were very interested in maps and so the children have learnt about the Capital cities of the United Kingdom and where to find them on a map. They are beginning to use directional words like North, East, South, West and can direct their friends around a map/grid using these words. They have also been learning to program a ‘beebot’ (robot) around a grid using.


In History lessons we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. Hedgehog Class can tell you a lot about The Great Fire! We now have a display outside our classroom (by the coat pegs) with some of the children’s work on for all to see. They have written reports about the Great Fire, painted scenes of what they thought it would look like and took part in a Drama workshop from The Freshwater Theatre Company where they acted out the events.


Here is Pudding Lane, where the fire began:

The houses were so close together that the people could reach across and hold hands with the person in the house opposite!

At one end of Pudding Lane there was a bakery. This is the baker, Thomas Farriner and his wife baking in the bakery. She is mixing ingredients in her bowl and he is keeping the fire strong.

Pudding Lane was a busy street full of shops and markets. Here are the market sellers all along the street. “Come and get your meat and fish! Fresh meat and fish for you!”

The fire from the oven spread quickly along Pudding Lane because the buildings were so close together. It didn’t take long for the fire to spread all over London!


The people used water from the River Thames in buckets and engine squirters to try to put the fire out but it did not work. Then the Mayor decided to pull houses down to create gaps in-between the houses to stop the fire spreading. They couldn’t pull them down fast enough so then they used gunpowder to blow houses up quickly. This did work and after 4 days the fire stopped. Samuel Pepys saw all of this happen from his window at the top of a hill nearby. He wrote a diary about what he saw and that is how we know about it.


Church Visit

In Religious Education the children have been learning about the Christian celebration of Easter. To support this we took the children to St Dunstan’s, the local church. The Reverend spoke to the children about why Christians celebrate Easter and the children took part in some activities around the church for each part of the story including Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, The crucifixion and The Tomb.



World Book Day

We had some wonderful costumes for World Book Day!

Many children were dressed as characters from popular books such as Alice in Wonderland, Matilda, Little Red Riding Hood, Fantastic Mr Fox, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, Snow White… oh and Paddington Bear!



Well done to these children who have achieved 100% attendance this term. Keep it up!

We want to get the Attendance Bear again soon so make sure you are in school every day if you are able to!


Astronomy Roadshow

Hedgehog Class enjoyed their visit from the Astronomy Roadshow. It was very dark inside so we couldn’t take pictures but the dome lit up with light projections as if we were in space!

The children learnt about the planets in our solar system and now know many facts about the planets. They also found out about stars and star constellations. Lots of children went on to make their own star constellations in class.

The children learnt about astronauts and the suits they need to wear to stay safe in space. Did you know 12 men have been to the moon?

The children got to feel lava rocks and even a comet which has fallen space!

We saw a clip of the first rocket to go to the moon in 1969 and saw real space badges from the suits of astronauts who have been to space.


November 2016

The children in Hedgehog Class loved dressing up as heroes and creating freeze frames for our class story. Here, some doctors have come to save the Spidermen/Spidergirls and the Supergirls are flying in to the rescue!



The children pictured below are reading the class story we created and some other super hero books in the reading area. Hedgehog class were all very keen to make superhero masks. They designed and made their own masks without any help; drawing, cutting, hole-punching and attaching string. The children on the right are developing their own Maths skills in this Batman themed game using addition and subtraction.


This is Jess the Vet Nurse. She came to talk to us about her job and how to look after some animals properly. She brought some ginea-pigs and some equipment with her to show us. The children were very interested to hear what she had to say. They produced some wonderful writing about her visit and they couldn’t wait to get in our Vet role-play area and pretend to be her!


These children have drawn around one of their friends and are labelling the body parts and senses. They enjoyed this Science lesson and everyone has been very interested in reading non-fiction books about the human body.



September 2016

At the beginning of September, we started off our topic ‘The Weather’ by going outside to look for signs of nature and seasonal change. The children collected natural treasures such as acorns, leaves and flowers. We walked all around the school to find things growing in different places and talked about why some of the plants are now dying because summer has ended.


The children looked closely at the big oak tree to see how the branches are shaped and what was happening to the leaves. They also spotted some acorns up there! When back in class, many children painted pictures of the oak tree before it dropped all of its leaves. We ended our walk by looking at the sky. The weather had started off clear and sunny but changed while we were out. A huge cloud was moving across the sky right above our heads and it started spitting just as we were walking back to class.


In keeping with our topic about the weather the children enjoyed sorting out clothes for different types of weather and trying them on. Can you guess which kind of weather these children are dressed for?


After looking closely at this painting of ‘The Boat in the Storm’ by Henri Rousseau, the children had a go at painting their own version or it.

First they needed to paint the background. They needed to mix the colours they needed for the sky and the sea and then cover the whole paper using a thick brush.


Once it was dry, the children used thinner brushes to paint on the detail in the foreground. They needed to paint the rain, waves and of course the boat. They look fantastic and the children are very proud.