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Hedgehog Class


Enchanted Woodland

We started our woodland topic by getting to know the Oak Tree in our school. It is a Turkey Oak Tree with a special type of acorn with hairy cups. The tree is our school is very tall and we think it about 200 years old! We have learnt to name the parts of the tree (trunk, branch, leaf, and root). We felt the bumpy bark and some of us did bark rubbings. We looked carefully at the lobed leaves and some of us did leaf rubbings. The tree trunk is so wide it took eight children to make a circle around it!

We also explored the trees near our classroom. There are some Crab Apple Trees there and we found lots of little crab apples. The leaves are changing colour at the moment because it is autumn. We have found some green, some red, some yellow and some brown. We compared the types of bark the tree trunks had to the Oak Tree and looked at the interesting shapes of the branches. We also looked at the logs on the ground and learnt about what trees look like inside the trunk and looked for the rings. We know that wood comes from trees and lots of things we use at home and at school is made of wood. We can now name lots of different types of tree. We have been on a hunt all around the school looking for deciduous and evergreen trees and can tell the difference between them.


Lots of us have been to visit a woodland as part of our homework and some of us even put photographs in our homework books. Some people went to Bedfont Lakes, some went to Bushy park, some went to Virginia Water and some even had photographs of forests and woodlands far away from here! Lots of us have also been very busy researching facts about forests and trees around the country and even the world! Miss Gregory and Mr Marshall have been very impressed with everybody’s effort in their homework.

In the classroom we have been getting settled into routines and have learnt lots already. You will be able to see our books at parents evening. We have been very busy in our busy learning areas around the classroom applying the skills we have learnt and developing our understanding.












We have been looking closely at natural objects found in a woodland such as leaves, cones, conkers, acorns etc. We have been sorting them in different ways and reading non-fiction books about them.

We have been finding out more about woodland animals in fiction and non-fiction books. We have used what we know about woodland animals to write riddles about them. We read the riddles to our friends and they have to listen carefully to figure out which animal we are describing. We have also been using our imagination to create stories using woodland animal toys. A very popular busy learning area was mask making. We looked carefully at the features of woodland animals such as badgers and foxes and make masks to represent them. We had to punch holes and attach string ourselves.

During our topic we have been reading traditional tales, many of which are set in a woodland. We have really enjoyed reading the traditional tales in the book corner and using story props and puppets to act out stories such as Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears etc. We have loved acting out the story of Hansel and Gretel in our role-play sweetie house! We have also enjoyed playing board games related to these stories to develop our maths skills.