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Hedgehog Class

Spring 2- Space

Our topic this half term started off with an alien crash landing! We found all sorts of strange materials including some soft, sticky alien slime. yuck!


Our parents came along to 'busy learn' with us. We had such an amazing time creating planets and putting them in the correct order from the sun.


We had a brilliant visit from the planetarium. The man taught us all about the solar system, it was so much fun!


We read the story of 'Beegu', a small yellow alien with super long ears. We wrote a character description, a retell and even made our own 3d 'Beegu' collages.


In RE we have been learning about Christianity . We went on a trip to ST Dunstan's church, where we learnt all about Easter. We even made our own palm leaves and acted out the events of palm Sunday!

This half term has been brilliant and we look forward to our next topic 'Splendid Skies', Which will include a visit to Kew Gardens.




Spring 1- Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Our topic this half term was called ‘Paws Claws and Whiskers’. The children learnt about a variety of different animals, including zoo animals, wild animals and pets. In fact, the children even had a few special visitors…

The children loved their visit from Genevieve the tortoise!

Then there was a special visit from ‘Zoolab’ who taught the children lots about different animals and mini-beasts.


The children have a done a lot of work based on the book ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’. They have done a character description and recount in writing lessons, and also created pictures and settings in both D&T and computing.


Children have learnt lots of different skills in maths. They know lots of different ways to represent numbers, using base 10, tens frames, numicon and the part whole model.


Autumn 2 - London

We have had a very busy half term leading up to Christmas. Our topic has been London.

We started our topic learning about The Queen. We painted portraits and found out lots of facts about her life and the rest of the royal family. We couldn’t believe how big her family was! The Queen and her husband Prince Phillip have four children and eight grandchildren! We know the Queen lives in Buckingham Palace and some of us even managed to go and visit as part of our homework…


And even those that didn’t were still able to visit a special Buckingham palace of our own…

Buckingham palace wasn’t the only place lots of us got to see as part of our homework. We managed to explore lots of amazing London landmarks and iconic buildings that we had researched and learnt about in school. 




At the start of the half term, we pretended The Queen was coming for afternoon tea. We made sandwiches and scones in the morning and then ate them in the afternoon! We also made decorations for the classroom.


We have been finding out about capital cities of the UK and locating them on a map. We have also been finding out about the features of London such as the River Thames and where everything is as part of our Geography lessons. We created our own maps of London and even made a ‘key.

In computing we have been creating algorithms to program into our ‘Beebot’ device. We managed to navigate our ‘Beebots’ between different London Landmarks on our large maps. We worked in groups, using our direction vocabulary (left, right, forward, turn) to  destinations such as Big Ben and St Paul's Cathedral.

It always rains in London and so last week we took part in a science experience to find out which material would be best suited for an umbrella to sell in Harrods. We had to test 5 different materials (wood, cotton, nylon, paper and cellophane) to find out whether they were  strong, flexible and  waterproof. Lots of us thought cellophane would be the best material but it turned out to be nylon!  Our teachers will let Harrods know.

Our history lessons took us all the way back to 1666 and the ‘Great Fire of London’. We have learned just how different London was back then. The fire lasted for almost 5 days, such a long time! We soon learnt that with streets being so narrow back then, and with houses being made out of thatched roofs and wood that it’s no wonder the fire went on for so long. We got the chance to make our own models of houses in London, we used a variety of materials to show the way houses have changed. We have enjoyed reading non-fiction books about The Great  Fire of London  and writing about what happened.


We took part in a drama workshop where we acted out some events of The Great Fire of London. It was very fun and it helped us to remember the events.


In maths lessons we have been learning about the place value of numbers up to 20, for example we know that 14 is 10 and 4. This helps us to understand what 14 is a bigger number than 4. We have been learning about  greater than ( >) and less than (<)  and same as (=). We  have also been practising our skills in addition and subtraction. We use practical objects to help us and sometimes a number line. We know that adding  (+) means the total gets bigger and take away (-) means the total will be smaller.

We have also been learning about pattern 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning their names and some properties. We sorted them by different criteria e.g. has circular faces/square faces.


We enjoyed ‘Odd Sock Day’ for anti-bullying  and we learnt about respecting others and that showing respect is making a choice to be kind. We learnt that we are all unique and we tried to think of things that are unique about ourselves and shared them with each other. We know that we are all different and that is something to be celebrated.

During RE lessons this half term we have been learning all about the Christian story; The First Christmas. We know the events of the story and enjoy retelling it. We have even considered what gifts we would buy baby Jesus if he had been born in 2018! 

We enjoyed acting out our version the story of The First Christmas during our performance of ‘The Prickly Hay’ last week. Our teachers were super impressed with our singing and acting and we hope you were too!

Autumn 1 - Enchanted Woodland

We started our woodland topic by getting to know the Oak Tree in our school. It is a Turkey Oak Tree with a special type of acorn with hairy cups. The tree is our school is very tall and we think it about 200 years old! We have learnt to name the parts of the tree (trunk, branch, leaf, and root). We felt the bumpy bark and some of us did bark rubbings. We looked carefully at the lobed leaves and some of us did leaf rubbings. The tree trunk is so wide it took eight children to make a circle around it!

We also explored the trees near our classroom. There are some Crab Apple Trees there and we found lots of little crab apples. The leaves are changing colour at the moment because it is autumn. We have found some green, some red, some yellow and some brown. We compared the types of bark the tree trunks had to the Oak Tree and looked at the interesting shapes of the branches. We also looked at the logs on the ground and learnt about what trees look like inside the trunk and looked for the rings. We know that wood comes from trees and lots of things we use at home and at school is made of wood. We can now name lots of different types of tree. We have been on a hunt all around the school looking for deciduous and evergreen trees and can tell the difference between them.


Lots of us have been to visit a woodland as part of our homework and some of us even put photographs in our homework books. Some people went to Bedfont Lakes, some went to Bushy park, some went to Virginia Water and some even had photographs of forests and woodlands far away from here! Lots of us have also been very busy researching facts about forests and trees around the country and even the world! Miss Gregory and Mr Marshall have been very impressed with everybody’s effort in their homework.

In the classroom we have been getting settled into routines and have learnt lots already. You will be able to see our books at parents evening. We have been very busy in our busy learning areas around the classroom applying the skills we have learnt and developing our understanding.












We have been looking closely at natural objects found in a woodland such as leaves, cones, conkers, acorns etc. We have been sorting them in different ways and reading non-fiction books about them.

We have been finding out more about woodland animals in fiction and non-fiction books. We have used what we know about woodland animals to write riddles about them. We read the riddles to our friends and they have to listen carefully to figure out which animal we are describing. We have also been using our imagination to create stories using woodland animal toys. A very popular busy learning area was mask making. We looked carefully at the features of woodland animals such as badgers and foxes and make masks to represent them. We had to punch holes and attach string ourselves.

During our topic we have been reading traditional tales, many of which are set in a woodland. We have really enjoyed reading the traditional tales in the book corner and using story props and puppets to act out stories such as Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears etc. We have loved acting out the story of Hansel and Gretel in our role-play sweetie house! We have also enjoyed playing board games related to these stories to develop our maths skills.