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Hedgehog Class

Spring 1

This half term we have been finding out all about aliens!  We started off our half term with the children finding a spaceship had crash-landed in our playground.

The children were so excited to explore the wreckage. As part of our science topic the children gathered some samples from the alien space crash and used the materials to learn about properties. Exploring whether they were shiny, stretchy, bendy, smooth and many more. The children then wrote all about their visit to the crash site.





In English we read the book Beegu, which is all about a little yellow alien. The children were able to compose their own sentences to describe Beegu. They also had fun role playing Beegu outside and recreating the Beegu front cover during art using a colour wash and pastels. 










We learnt all about the famous astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We had fun finding facts by researching the internet and looking through non-fiction books about space.

As part of their homework the children with help from their parents made some fantastic models that are now proudly displayed in our classroom. When they brought in their models they were able to present their work to the rest of the class and talk about how they made their models and what materials they used.


Autumn 2

This half term our topic has been London.

We started off the half term looking at photos of the children who had been to different places in London, it was very exciting! 

In geography we have been looking at maps. We learnt to draw maps both real and make-believe and even added a key. We also worked on our ICT skills within geography by using co-ordinates and directional language with each other.  

In History we had a very exciting workshop on the great fire of London. We learned lots of interesting facts which we were able to retell and role-play. We also learned all about the Queen. We looked at her family tree and then we had lots of fun creating our own.

In DT we were able to plan and create our own vehicles with a moving part. We looked at lots of different types of transport in London including London buses and explored the different moving aspects before choosing to create a moving hinge part on our vehicles.

In busy learning we have had lots of London based activities including a souvenir shop, bridge making, and a London tea party. The children were also able to write postcards and use a post-box we made to send their postcards to friends in the class.

We have learnt about lots of different London landmarks and have really enjoyed our topic, learning about all the wonderful things London has to offer.

We also enjoyed practising for and performing our school nativity this year ‘Christmas with the aliens’ and after a restful Christmas break we are now looking forward to our next topic Moon Zoom!


Autumn 1

This half term our topic has been the Enchanted Woodland.

We have enjoyed learning about different woodland animals including our class animal the hedgehog. We have found out all sorts of fascinating facts, including that hedgehogs are nocturnal, they curl into a ball when they are frightened and they like eating worms and slugs.

In art and DT we have created lots of fantastic woodland pieces. We followed instructions in order to make some woodland crowns and then wrote our own instructions. In busy learning, we have also been looking at the work of Gustav Klimt and recreating our own “Tree of life”.  

In science, we have been learning about different types of trees. We learned what the difference was between an evergreen and a deciduous tree. We found out that the big tree in our playground is a Turkey Oaktree. We have been writing riddles in busy learning about woodland animals and reading them to our friends to see if they could work out what animal we were writing about.

In our class role play area, we have been acting out different fairy tales. In computing we became authors, writing and illustrating Little Red Riding Hood.

In geography, we have been working on our map mapping skills. We went on a walk and created our own maps of the walk we went on. We then used our mapping skills to create imaginary maps of the trail Little Red Riding Hood took to grandma’s house.

In R.E we have been learning about different religions and how they worship, so far we have looked at Christianity and Sikhs.

In maths, we have been working on our numbers to 10. We have put our numbers in order, worked out what was one more or less than a given number, we have learned what the < less than > greater than and = equal to signs mean. We have been learning that 2 parts of a number make a whole and have been writing number facts.

The children have really enjoyed this half term so far and are excited to see what the term ahead will bring.