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Giraffe Class


Autumn 2

We started off this term learning about different festivals much as Halloween and Diwali. We mixed lots of spooky potions and had to count out the right amount of different ingredients into the cauldron. We even wrote our own recipes for a spooky spell.


In our role play area we had a vets. The children really enjoyed pretending to take care of all the animals. After our walk to the post box we now have a post office role play area in our class room. We are writing letters to each other for the post man to deliver. We are getting very good at counting out the right number of pennies to pay for the stamps and envelopes!


Some of us have done some fantastic Christmas paintings and collages.


Autumn 1

The children in Giraffe class have settled into Reception really well.  The children have taken new routines in their stride and are very engaged in their learning. 

This half term we have been learning about Africa.  We have learnt about our class animals and landscapes in different parts of Africa. Miss Sinclair had lots of beautiful clothes from her visits to Africa and we looked at all the different patterns and shapes we could spot on them. Then we made some of our own repeating patterns. We also had a visit from ‘Earth Song’ who taught us about African instruments. We really enjoyed playing the drums!


The weather has been beginning to change and outside we have been collecting lots of autumn objects and exploring the different coloured leaves. We used our autumn objects to make pictures and we really enjoyed doing some leaf printing.



May 2017

We began this half term we have been talking about what we were like as babies and how we have changed. We created a baby clinic and spent time washing and feeding the babies.



We then learned all about the farm. We went on a coach to Bockett's farm and enjoyed seeing the animals up close. 


We used cubes and rulers to measure the length our feet and worked out who had the longest and the shortest feet. We also played beanbag games and added our scores together using the counting on strategy. 


March 2018

Giraffe Class began this half term by reading the story of Goldilocks. We created a Three Bear's Kitchen in the roleplay area and the children enjoyed retelling the story with costumes and props. Later that week we had a surprise visit from Golidlocks. She crept into our classroom and destroyed our role play area. The children were so shocked that they decided to write posters to warn people about her behaviour.


We also learned all about growing. The children planted sunflower seeds and made sure they had lots of sun and water so that they would grow well. 

Giraffe Class have continued to work hard on their maths skills this half term. They learned all about sharing and halving and used the language 'nearest' and 'furthest' to describe the distance that their hoops travelled.


February 2018

Giraffe Class began the half term with a visit from Naughty Bus. They were shocked that he kept making a mess in the classroom and created ‘Wanted’ posters to try and hunt him down. They then made some art work to show everyone what Naughty Bus looks like. 


Our visit with Naughty Bus sparked an interest in transport. The children used different sorts of modelling materials to create their favourite sort of transport and tested which material would be best to make a boat. They went on a transport walk around the local area and used what they had learned to create their own transport information book.


Giraffe Class continued to work hard on their maths skills this half term. They programmed BeeBots and used positional language like ‘next to’ and ‘in front of’ to describe where it was on the mat. They used 2p coins to pay for items in the aeroplane gift shop and began to use the strategy of counting on to add two prices together.


December 2017

Giraffe Class have had another fantastic half term. We began by reading the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and this sparked a great interest in all things creepy and crawly! We read information books and watched videos on the iPads to find out more about spiders, frogs and snakes. The children also became very interested in acting as witches in our very own witch’s kitchen. They wrote recipes for their own potions and used their reading skills to follow recipes that had already been written.


Giraffe Class have also been working hard on their maths skills. The children worked in our Tesco shop, buying items and then counting out the correct amount of pennies to pay for them. They used the balance scales to create cupcakes, using the language of ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ to compare the weight of the ingredients. Giraffe Class also loved creating witch’s wands and used the language of ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ to compare the length of their wand to the length of a teacher’s wand   


After our Post Office visit Giraffe Class created their own Post Office in the classroom. They wrote letters to Father Christmas and paid for their stamps and envelopes before posting them. They wrapped packages and wrote labels for them before sorting them in the sorting station.



October 2017

Giraffe Class have settled brilliantly into life in Reception and they have already been busy learning lots of new things.

We began our half term by learning all about our class animal, a giraffe. We created giraffe pictures using collage and paint and made all sorts of other African animals using playdough. We read the story of Handa’s Surprise and had a go at retelling it ourselves. We explored all sorts of different African instruments during our Earth Song workshop.

We have also enjoyed learning about the celebration of Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita and then created ‘Wanted’ posters for Ravana. We built bridges for Rama to get across and rescue Sita and created story maps to show Rama’s journey.





July 2017

Giraffe class have had a wonderful half term! We have found out many interesting facts about different minibeasts in reception; worms and ladybirds. We even got to watch caterpillars grow and change into butterflies before we let them fly away outside. During our busy learning time we have loved going on mini beast hunts with magnifying glasses discovering bees, ants and butterflies.


We have even created many fantastic artworks of minibeasts using clay, salt dough and paint. We then decorated them using paint and other materials like matchsticks to make them look 3D!


Inside during our busy learning we have had a hairdresser role play. We have had a lot of fun pretending to wash, straighten and curl our classmates’ hair. We have learnt how to pay for our new hair cut by counting out the pennies individually and have even been practicing to count in 2’s.


May 2017

Giraffe class really enjoyed the trip to the farm.  We got to go on a tractor ride, watch a goat being milked and got to stoke many animals!



During our inside busy learning we have had an opticians.  We have been learning to buy several items by counting the coins altogether.  We have also been reading lots of words when the ‘optician’ tests our eyes. During our inside busy learning we have had an opticians.  We have been learning to buy several items by counting the coins altogether.  We have also been reading lots of words when the ‘optician’ tests our eyes.

We have made some wonderful painting and collages of farm animals.  We have also been learning about an artist called Andy Goldsworthy.  We created our own collages made from natural materials on a small scale inside and a large scale outside.








March 2017

In Giraffe class we loved having the chicks, especially getting to hold them!  We have written some amazing facts about chicks and learnt lots of interesting things about them.


In our role play we have had a Pizza Parlour.  The children have been practising their segmenting skills by writing order forms.  They have been learning to use money when paying for the pizzas.  The children work very well together and have been developing their speaking skills.

We have been learning different creative skills and using these to make daffodils, such as painting, collage and pastels.

The children have enjoyed learning about traditional tales and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using puppets.



January 2017

This half term we have been learning about the story of the naughty bus.  We have been collaging and painting pictures of the naughty bus and have also been using the computer to draw them.


We have been learning to find one more and one less of a number in maths.


The children have really enjoyed bring their bear in.  We have been learning how to use a camera and taking photos of our bears on an adventure.  We have been writing name tags for our bears – just like Paddington’s!  We have also been learning about the different types of bears and where they live.


During busy learning we have been using our phonics skills to blend and segment words.  We have also been practising our tricky words.



November 2016

In Giraffe class we have enjoyed learning about giraffes, including where they live, what they eat and how they move.  We collaged and painted our own giraffes.  We also learnt how to use paint on the computer and drew our own giraffes.

In our cafe we have been learning to count money and use it to buy items.  We have also been making food to serve to customers!


We have been exploring magnets and seeing what is magnetic and what isn’t.  We have also been making models with magnetic shapes.

In our book corner we have been looking at books by Julia Donaldson.  We have been finding the front page, carefully turning the pages and looking at the pictures.