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Fox Class

Spring 2 - Space


Our topic this term started with a BANG, when we returned to school to discover a spaceship had crash-landed in the playground! The children were very excited to find the wreckage and spent some of the morning inspecting the remains of the crash. The children were told that Mr Graham, the caretaker, had heard a loud explosion in the early hours of the morning and came outside to see lights and flames lighting up the sky. Then he found the remains of a spaceship crash! The children used and developed their literacy skills to write a report on what had happened and what they had found. In the subsequent days they inspected the wreckage, discussed what might have happened and what the “bits and pieces” they found might be. There were pieces of broken metal, bits of plastic, wiring and lots of slimy gloop everywhere! The children, dressed as scientists in lab coats, selected items to investigate with magnifying glasses and microscopes. Later, as a science lesson, they talked about what the objects were made of and what they might have been used for.This has helped to develop their knowledge of materials and their properties.

As part of the topic we read the story of Beegu, an alien child that was lost and stranded on earth.The children wrote a character description of Beegu and retold the story. We gave a lot of thought to how Beegu would be feeling as a stranger on Earth and related that to how we might respond to people who were new to our school and/or our country. As an art project the children created pictures of Beegu, using water colours for a background, pastels for the landscape and collage to depict Beegu in the foreground - lost and alone in a large city. This resulted in some very impressive pictures from all the children, many of which you can see displayed around Year 1.  

During the topic the children were very lucky to have a visit from a mobile planetarium. They were taught about the planets, meteors, galaxies and astronauts. Many children, inspired by the visit, chose to find more information from books and fact sheets during their busy learning time.They recorded what they found out and added the information to their own class space fact books. The children were very interested to learn such things as the size and colour of planets, how many moons they had, how some were made of gases, some of ice and rocks and how some even had volcanoes! 

As homework projects many children and their grown- ups made some some fantastic planets and rockets, from papier mache and recycled items.They have also enjoyed finding out more space facts from books and the internet and recorded them in their homework books. We were very impressed by all the effort that went into the homework tasks.

All in all it was a very engaging topic that gave the children an opportunity to think and learn about the wider world and where we on Earth fit into it. At the same time they greatly developed their reading, writing, art, design technology and science skills and knowledge.

Next topic – Weather!

  • To help the children get started you could encourage them to watch the daily weather report on television and maybe talk about the actual weather outside to see if it matches.


Spring 1 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers     

We were very excited to start a brand new topic this term – all about animals. We kicked off with looking at a bag of things a zookeeper might need. We had to guess the job based on the contents of the bag and we dressed up Luke in zookeepers’ clothes!  He looked very funny!

We learned about the  7 continents and sorted animals by which continent they come from. We labelled parts of animals and then we labelled a human. For Art we made our own clay tortoises. Now we know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Do you? We practised our map making skills by drawing a map of a zoo and we  made a key to show where the different animals could be found.

A visitor, called Sophie, from Zoo-lab brought some creatures in for us to see and feel. Some of us were brave enough to hold a giant cockroach, a snake and a slimy giant African snail! We also got up really close to a tarantula!

For Science we learned about camouflage. We went out into the Reception forest and looked for butterflies that had been hidden there  earlier. We noticed that we mostly found all the bright coloured ones first.  

We have also been reading lots of non-fiction books about animals to find out facts about them, as well as fiction animal stories.

Some of our Year 1 parents were really kind brought in some of their pets. We had an exhibition in the big hall and found out how to look after some different pets. There were dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits.  We found out what the animals eat and then we did some animal sorting (including humans) into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


We loved reading the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, by Judith Kerr. We did a character description of the Tiger and then retold the story. Then we had a go at writing our own story about a different animal coming to tea.  For D&T we designed tin of Tiger Food and tried to make it attractive and tasty.  For Computing we drew our own pictures of Tigers on the Ipads. You will see some of them displayed in the classroom.

In music we have learned to recognise some classical music that represents different animals. It was written by the French composer Camille Saint Saens.  Now we know what a double bass and a violin look like and we recognise the sound they make, along with the piano.  In our last music lesson this half term,  we composed and performed our own animal pieces to the rest of the class.

In PE we have been doing lots of gymnastics and balancing activities. We can ALL do a forward roll by ourselves and nearly all of us can do a backward roll on our own – amazing! Our favourite thing is monkeying around and making shapes.

Autumn 2 - London

 Our topic this term has been London. Lots of children went in to London to see all the famous places like Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben. We took photos and sent them into school to share with everyone else.  In school, we plotted London on a map along, with all the other capital cities in the UK.  We read books about and set in London. One of our favourites was Katie in London by James Mayhew. In the story two children go on an adventure through London on the back of a Trafalgar Square lion that comes to life! We also learned all about queen and looked at her family tree to find out who should be next on the throne. We were very excited to make our own family tree after that!

We wrote and followed instructions to make cucumber sandwiches and scones and then we had a tea party with the ‘Queen’. We learned so much about the Queen that we were then able to write our own individual biographies about her life. As part of our Geography and ICT skills learning we practised using co-ordinates and directional language with each other on the Bee-bot mats. We directed each other to find famous London landmarks using the programmable Bee-bots.  We also made short I-motion animations of toy London buses driving down a street.

We retold the fictional Oxford Reading Tree story of A Day in London, we made maps, with keys, of London and then we found out about some London history when we had a workshop on the Great Fire of London. We were then able to write a recount about the event. We compared Feltham to Kingston, Jamaica and used the information to decide which of those places we would rather live in. For science we tested materials to see what would make the most suitable material to make an umbrella that would protect us from a rainy day in London. In music we have learned to sing songs about London and how to sing a round with the song London Bridge is falling down. In our busy learning time we made our own bridges to cross the River Thames.

In our busy learning time we also dressed up as royalty and used the Ipad to take photos of ourselves.


All in all we had a lovely time finding out about lots of aspects of London and how there are so many interesting and exciting things to do and find out about right here in our own fabulous city!

As well as finding out about London we have covered many areas of maths, We have learned to understand greater than and smaller than, more and less than and different ways to add and subtract. We have also worked with shape and pattern.  We have been enjoying using our great new resources which are linked to our new White Rose maths scheme. 

We did some races in PE so that we could practise using ordinal numbers.

In PE we have also covered, ball games, gymnastics and dance.

For RE we have been learning about different religions through stories, including the story of Christmas through our fantastic Christmas nativity performance of Prickly Hay.  Here we are doing the donkey dance!

We really enjoyed making water colour paintings of famous London landmarks and turning them into Christmas cards too!



Next half term our topic will be PAWS, CLAWS and WHISKERS. We will be learning lots of things about animals. Maybe you would like to take a trip to a zoo in the holidays in preparation!          

Autumn 1 – Enchanted Woodland

We have had such a busy start to Year 1. The children have settled really well and have bonded with their class mates. They have been using their new skills and learning in the Busy Learning areas. They have been taking part in collaborative jobs and supporting each other in our learning.

We can’t wait for you to see all of our amazing work at Parent’s evening!

In Busy Learning we have been using our maths knowledge and have done a range of grouping and sorting. 

We have been testing our friends on our tricky words, trying hard with our tall and short letters.

Lots of us have been to visit a woodland as part of our homework and some of us even put photographs in our homework books. Some people went to Bedfont Lakes, some went to Bushy Park, some went to Virginia Water and some even had photographs of forests and woodlands far away from here! Some children have had a lot of fun finding big puddles to jump in! Lots of us have also been very busy researching facts about forests and trees around the country and even the world! We have had some amazing fairy houses brought in to school, which the children confident told the class about how they were made.

We have been collecting and looking at natural objects found in a woodland, like leaves, conkers, acorns, sticks, twigs, and making amazing art using them. We have focused this natural art on the artist Andy Goldsworthy.


We have made woodland animal masks. We thought about their face shapes and individual features.


We are looking forward to our next topic of London.




Spring 2

This half term the children have been very enthusiastic and excited whilst learning about dinosaurs!

We began our topic by reading Land of the Dinosaurs and developed our writing skills by retelling the story.

We read lots of interesting books about dinosaurs. We made our own books and fact files using information from non-fiction books.

We also wrote our own acrostic dinosaur poems.

During outside busy learning we found out just how long some dinosaurs were. We had to use over 30 metre sticks to see how long a diplodocus was! That was very exciting because some dinosaurs were longer than our playground!

We were lucky to have the  “Life Long Ago” fossil workshop visit us,  They showed us how to be palaeontologists, We used brushes to carefully uncover fossils hidden in  sand.


At the end of the visit we met Jack (a baby dinosaur) and Sophie (a six year old dinosaur). Jack was really cute and Sophie was a bit scary, until we got used to her.

We all wrote a recount of the visit.

At the end of our topic we made clay dinosaur models.

We also had a commonwealth day this term.  Our class learned about Pakistan.



Spring 1

Our topic this half term was on Space.  On the first day back to school the children found that a spaceship had crash-landed outside the music room the night before. The children were very excited to find the wreckage and spent the morning inspecting the remains of the crash. They were given an account of what had been seen and heard the night before by the caretaker, Mr Graham.  He had heard “a huge explosion in the early hours of the morning and saw a bright light in the sky.”   

The children spent part of the morning investigating the debris from the crash.

Later in the week the children wrote a recount of the event, using the information they had been given and included what they had seen.  

We began to develop our Science skills and knowledge by looking closely at the crash wreckage and learned what materials things were made of. Then we tried to guess what they might have been used for.

As part of the topic we read the story of Beegu, an alien child that was lost and stranded on earth.  We talked about how it would feel to be lost in a strange place and thought about how we might help and treat a stranger.

Then for English the children wrote a retell of the story and then composed their own space story.

We were lucky enough to have space drama workshop. We learned a lot about planets and acted out some of their characteristics. 

During the topic the children were also very lucky to have a visit from a mobile planetarium, when they learned about the planets, meteors, galaxies and astronauts.


As an art project the children created pictures of Beegu, using pastels for the landscape, with a colour wash over the top for the background and collage to represent Beegu in the foreground.


As part of our topic we also learned about famous astronauts like Tim Peake  (the most recent British-born astronaut to go into space) and Helen Sharman (the first British astronaut to go into space). 

At the end of the topic the children really enjoyed designing and making a space toy with moving parts.


Autumn 2

Our topic this term is ‘Superheroes’. We started off by coming to school in hero costume and we wrote out own story starring us! It was called “When the heroes beat the Hulks!”


Some of us came in as superheroes and some of us came in as real heroes. 



 We were lucky enough to have a parent, from our class, who was a real hero. This was Cristina’s dad. He is a Chief Firefighter and he came into school to talk to us about what firefighters do. His name is Glen and he was in charge of cleaning up the day our school was flooded, due to a burst water main in the road outside.

He came in his fire fighter uniform.


He  showed us some of his safety equipment and he told us that the fire fighter helmet has two visors. One for working in the dark and one for the day.

After that Glen said that firefighters had to get ready very quickly. They had to put their uniform
on in 60 seconds.  Cristina had to put the uniform on as quickly as she could. Then we counted to ten, six times. Cristina put the uniform on really quickly. She beat the 60 seconds.


Autumn 1

Our topic this term has been Weather and Seasons. We began by writing about our summer holidays and what the weather was like.  Then we looked at the daily BBC weather report and learned about weather symbols.  We matched weather symbols to photos of real weather and we wrote our own weather reports. As part of our self-initiated busy learning we had a weather station role play area.  We had to read the thermometer to get the temperature and look outside to see what the weather was like.

We talked about the type of clothes you would need for different kinds of weather. We learned about seasons and what environmental signs of different seasons are  –  like leaves falling in autumn and spring flowers. We read fiction and non-fiction books about the weather and for more writing practise we retold the fictional story “The Gale”. 

Outside for Science, we found our own ways to make wind, to move the windmills.

In our busy learning areas we wrote weather stories and used instruments to make sound effects to go with our stories.  To improve our Design Technology skills we also made different kinds of kites. 

For Art we looked at Henri Rousseau’s, The Storm Tossed Vessel. We created our own paintings and learned to mix colours and create a stormy feel to our brush strokes.

For ICT we started learning to use Microsoft Word and practised our weather spellings by opening a word document and typing the words in a list.  We also practised our PSHE skills by taking turns and helping each other.

Outside of our weather topic, in PE, we have been learning to prepare our bodies for exercise by stretching and warming up.  We also learned some new games including dodge ball and hockey!


In maths we have been practising addition and subtraction and we have started to learn about 2D and 3D shapes as well as patterns. We made symmetrical rangoli patterns that we had learnt  about in RE/Divali and we made repeating patterns.

For the second half of our Autumn Term our topic is going to be Heroes. We will be learning about superheroes and real heroes!  We will be dressing up as heroes, making our up our own stories and finding out what real heroes do!



Summer 1

Our topic this term has been Dinosaurs. We began with the “Life Long Ago” visit, when a man called Ivan told us all about paleontologists, fossils and dinosaurs.


We had lots of interesting books to teach us about dinosaurs. We made our own books and fact files using information from non-fiction books and we were inspired to write our own stories after reading lots of non-fiction dinosaur books.

During busy learning we found out just how long some dinosaurs were. We had to use up to 31 meter sticks! That was very exciting because some dinosaurs were as long as our playground!

We wrote riddles describing dinosaurs and got our friends to guess which one we were. For Design Technology we designed and made our own puppets with moving parts!


In our outside busy learning area we had a dinosaur museum.  We bought tickets to get in, we labelled dinosaurs and made fact files from information texts. The museum had a coffee shop so we priced food and drinks to sell and we designed our own dinosaur cupcakes.

At the end of our dinosaur topic we presented an assembly to our parents and carers and told them all about what we had been learning.  We sang dinosaur songs, danced the dinosaur stomp   showed our art and writing work and recited dinosaur poetry.



Spring 2

Our topic this term has been London.  We began by looking at where we live in Feltham and discussing how it is part of Greater London.

We wrote invitations to the Queen and asked her to come to a tea party. We made maps of our school and then used our map making skills to show the Queen how to get here. We added a key so that she would know what things she might pass on the way.


We developed our reading and maths skills by following the instructions to make scones and measuring out ingredients.

We had a tea party with the Queen. We had learned to sing God save the Queen and London Bridge is Falling Down in a round, and we sang them to her. She was very impressed!


As part of our Geography and ICT skills learning we practised using co-ordinates and directional language with each other on the Bee-bot mats. We directed each other to find famous London landmarks using the programmable Bee-bots.  We also made short I-motion animations of toy London buses driving down a street.

We really enjoyed making Water Colour paintings of Famous London Landmarks too.

We learned some London history from a theatre company that came and gave us a workshop on Great Fire of London. We re-enacted what happened.

We read lots of fiction and non-fiction books to learn about London.


We have been training to do gymnastics in PE – learning to do forwards and backwards rolls, balancing and building up our upper body strength by climbing around the climbing frame!





This Spring half term we have been learning about space.

At the beginning of this term some aliens crash landed in our playground.  Here’s what happened…..


We have been learning about planets by reading non-fiction books, singing space songs and making planets both at home and at school. We also had a mobile planetarium visit our school.


Look at the planets and rockets that we have made!


We have been reading lots of alien story books and particularly enjoyed reading Beegu.  We practised our writing skills by writing about how she looked and felt, and by retelling the story of her crash landing on Earth.

We developed our art skills by reproducing a picture of Beegu. First we painted the background with water colour paints, then we used pastels to draw the skyline and finally we made a collage of Beegu and placed it in the foreground of the picture.

We have been developing our computing skills by making pictures space and alien pictures using the tools in a paint programme.

We also used our phonic knowledge to make up our own alien sweet names  like loop, loops.

We even invented our own alien language!



What has Fox Class been up to this Autumn term? Term 2016

One day we came in as Superheroes.

We wrote our own superhero story and featured in our own book.  

In mathematics we have been exploring 2D & 3D shapes as well as naming and sorting 3D shapes.



In science we have been looking at the human body and have been labelling body parts.

 In PE we have been learning skipping and athletics skills. Now we are practising some dance moves.  We have also been learning to be good listeners and to follow directions.