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Enrichment throughout our school

In our vision we identified the importance of children exploring their environment and learning through real experiences. The governors and senior leaders have agreed to have a cost centre that will fund all visitors to our school and subsidise school trips.

This provides the opportunity for children’s learning to be linked across the curriculum so they can apply skills in different subjects. For example, when Year 2 were learning about Castles they wrote their own story about a king, sketched castles, produced an animation using I pads and designed a coat of arms.

When teachers and leaders plan the enrichment timetable they organise activities to link with a theme or provide opportunities that the children may not usually experience.


Reception have been learning about people that help us. They were very lucky to have a visit from the local fire fighters this week. We went inside their fire engine and were able to try on their helmets and gas masks. The fire man also showed us their thermal camera and told us about how they can see how hot an area is.

We were very excited to have a go at using the hoses. They were very powerful! We even got to hear the siren.




Zoo Lab came to visit the Reception children. We saw lots of animals and touched a few which included a frog, a snake, a spider, a cockroach and a gerbil.


Reception have also been on an Autumn walk in the local area, where they tried to find different objects and looked at how the leaves were changing colour.



Earth Song came to visit the Reception children and shared an African tale about fish.  Children learnt to start and stop playing different kinds of instruments, as well as, playing them loudly and quietly.