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Enrichment 2015-2016

Academic Year 2015-2016

We've had quite a busy year so far!


Year 2 were visited by RNLI volunteers. They learnt about how the voulteers work and how quick they need to respond to an emergency when they are at home. Children also learnt about water safety and what to do if they or anyone else was in water danger.


A Fossil Workshop, un-covering dinosaur bones, teeth, footprints etc. and a very real looking Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur for Year 1.


Making a giant Sculpture in Year 2 using newspaper sticks with our visitor- Mr Darcy Turner.


Year 2 enjoyed a Christmas Bauble Workshop with a visitor and made some beautiful bauble's.


A Pantomime for Reception and Year 1.

Reception children walked to the local Post Office to post their letters to Santa. They prepared them, kept the exact money ready for their stamp and then posted it into the letter box.



London Fire Brigade Fire Safety learning for Year 2.


Police safety talk for Year 2. The Year 2's were spoken about being safe and protecting themselves; if they ever got lost, stranger danger and what the Police do as part of their job.


A School Nurse visited the Year 2's for a detailed talk about how to keep their teeth healthy, by eating and drinking well, good hygiene etc.


Year 1 had The Great Fire of London Drama Workshop.


Reception had a visit from Hounslow Urban Farm with a Spooky Animals Roadshow. They saw little creepy crawlies to big snakes and lizards.


Reception had an Autumn walk around our local park looking for seasonal changes. They worked in pairs with a clipboard ticking off all the things they need to try and find; for example different colour leaves, conkers, acorns etc.


For Harvest this year, Reverened Ann from St.Dunstans Church in Feltham, came in for Harvest Assembley. She taught children about where our fruit and vegetables come from (they're country of origin). She demonstrated this whilst making a pizza with other children and identifying each ingredient's origin and how many miles it takes to get to us. She also talked about Harvest time and the importance of sharing food with others, especially with the elderly and those who cannot afford it.


In spirit of the Rugby World Cup, Year 1 and Year 2 have had a Rugby Workshop where they have had a taster of the sport and learnt some new tag skills.


From the start of this Academic Year, we have introduced compulsory swimming lessons as part of learning in Key Stage 1.