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Enrichment 2014-2015


There were many opportunities for children to learn through real experiences.

When Year 2 learnt about Castles they visited Windsor castle and had the opportunity to learn archery at school.


Year 2 also had a Great Fire of London drama workshop and fire safety talk from the London fire brigade to support their understanding of fire safety and the history of the famous event.


While Year 1 were learning about living things they had a workshop with reptiles from Zoolab and observed birds of prey from the Owl man. They also visited St Dunstan’s church to learn about christenings.



Reception classes visited Bocketts farm last summer. They also had a Slime workshop, Cinderella pantomime and Circus skills workshop. These experiences were then included in their busy learning areas.


Nursery children were lucky enough to watch chicks hatch and grow from an egg and caterpillars become butterflies. They also looked inside the engines of their adults cars.