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Elephant Class



Spring 2

We have had a busy Spring term in Elephant Class. We have grown a plant from popcorn seeds and we planted our own bean plants. The helpers have been watering them everyday and they have been growing. We hav e been measuring how tall they are.


Elephant class have also enjoyed the new doctors role play area. The children have enjoyed buying the different equipment from the pharmacy to make their friends better. 



Spring 1

Elephant class have been reading the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. They have enjoyed reenacting the story in the three bears kitchen role play area. 


Goldilocks had been very cheeky! She made a mess in the classroom. Elephant class were very cross. They made wanted posters and luckily she hasn't come back!

We have also made porridge. It tasted delicious! The children have written instructions to help the bears make porridge in the kitchen.


November 2018

The first week back after half term has been spooky in Elephant class. The children have followed instructions to make witch and wizard hats. They were very creative!


They have also enjoyed counting out the spiders and bats that were in the yucky slime.


Elephant class have been measuring the different sized pumpkins using cubes. The children are beginning to use language related to size. They have also been buying pumpkins and other vegetables from the vegetable shop. They are beginning to count out using 1p coins and read the price list.


They have also enjoyed the spooky activities at the busy hands table!


September/October 2018

Elephant class have had a fantastic start to Reception and settled in very well. They have enjoyed busy learning inside and outside. We have been learning about Africa and have been looking closely at elephants. The children have been developing their early reading skills and looked at elephant information books. They have also created some beautiful elephant paintings.


The children had a visit from ‘Earth song’ where we explored African music and played some interesting instruments. The children especially like playing the drums!


Elephant class have particularly enjoyed busy learning in the home corner where they have been looking after the babies and cooking some delicious treats. They have also enjoyed making cakes from the play dough and have been counting the candles, saying one number name for each candle.




May 2018

In Elephant class we have been thinking about the different ways to stay healthy.  We have been talking about healthy and unhealthy food choices and how salty and sugary foods can be bad for our bodies.  We learnt that you should have five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables every day and have even made our own fruit salad. We washed our hands before we started and carefully cut the fruit ourselves.


We have also been talking about how it is important to be active.  We have been noticing that when we have been exercising that our hearts beat faster and we get hot and sweaty.  We have been practising developing our balance in PE and we have also been learning to skip in time to the music!


The Elephant children have also spent time in our garden centre. We have started to learn to count in 2s and 10s and we are trying to pay for things using 10p and 2ps. The children have been working really hard on their writing this week and they have produced some fantastic Enormous Turnip stories.  Well done Elephant Class.‚Äč


March 2018

The children in Elephant Class have had a very busy Spring term. The children were very excited when the chicks came. They watched them grow and found different ways of measuring the chick's height and weight. They were alot heavier and taller when they left us. 


The children have also been reading instructions to help them plant sunflowers. We talked about what plants need to grow. We have given them lots of sunlight and water.


Elephant class hae developed their counting skills using 2p coins to pay for items in Tesco. They have been doubling amounts and are beginning to add two items together.


January 2018

Elephant Class have had a lovely start to the year. The children have been very busy in the new Cafe role play area and have been practising adding two amounts together.


The children have been very interested in PJ Mask. They have made some PJ Mask cars using the lego. The children were very excited to show the adults their creations. 


Elephant Class have also been very busy outside and have been developing skills such as measuring. The children have been comparing heights and timing to see how long it takes to move around the obstacle course.



December 2017

In Elephant Class we have enjoyed learning about the Julia Donaldson book ‘Room on the Broom’.  We have retold the story in the book corner using props.  We wrote our own spells using the skills we have learnt in phonics.



Our role play has been a castle.  In our castle we have been making up our own stories and acting them out with our friends.  We have also been learning how to tally, by going on a footprint hunt around the class! 

We have also been learning about magnets.  When a dragon escaped from our castle we discovered that he only eats magnetic objects.  We investigated with magnets to see what was safe and what the dragon might eat!



October 2017

The children in Elephant class have settled in to Reception really well.  The children have taken new routines in their stride and are very engaged in their learning. 

This half term we have been learning about Africa.  We have learnt about our class animals and African patterns.  We had a visit from ‘Earth song’ who taught us about African instruments.


The children have been telling stories and busy learning together in our small world areas.  They have been making treasure maps and searching for treasure in the sea!  The children have also been making up stories about knights and castles.  There are lots of books in these areas to help children develop their early reading skills. 




June - July 2017

This half term we have had a potion laboratory as our role play.  The children have been making real potions, experimenting with mixing colours and textures.

The children have been putting their measuring skills to work, weighing and measuring ingredients.  We have also been learning how to double and halve amounts of ingredients.  Children have also been using their reading skills to read potion recipes. 

We made potions using collage and paint.  We also made 3D bottles using junk, painting it and adding other materials. 


The children loved having the caterpillars in the class.  Each day they looked closely at what was happening and learnt a lot about the life cycle of a butterfly. 


April 2017 - May 2017

Elephant class have been doing lots of wonderful learning this half term.  We love the farm trip and seeing all the animals.  This has really inspired the children with their learning.



We have had some fantastic collages and painting of the farm animals.


We have also been using farm animals to help us solve maths problems such as putting half an amount of animals in each field.


The children have loved our superhero themed book corner.  They have been using their reading skills to read speech bubbles, and their writing skills to create their own.  The have also been making their own comic and creating their own stories.




March 2017

In Elephant class we loved having the chicks – they have been so engaged in learning about them.  The children were very keen to write messages and make cards for them.  The children have learnt lots of facts about chicks -the writing the children has done about the chicks is fantastic!


In our role play we have had a space ship!  The children have been practising their blending skills by reading letters from aliens.  The have been writing about what they have seen in space.  They have been developing their imagination and speaking skills while acting outs stories they have made up.  They have also had opportunities to weigh ‘moon rocks’ and other objects in the rocket.


We have had a materials table where children have been exploring the textures of different materials.  The have been able to compare materials and notice similarities and differences.

The children have enjoyed learning about traditional tales and have been retelling stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood.



January 2017

This half term we have been learning about the story of the naughty bus.  We have been collaging and painting pictures of the naughty bus.  We have also been using the computer to draw them.



When our naughty bus went missing we wrote wanted posters to try and help us find him!  We retold the story – we especially loved the part where he went through beans and then had a wash!


The children have really enjoyed bring their bear in. We have been writing name tags for our bears – just like Paddington’s!  We have also been learning about the different types of bears and where they live.


In our role-play area we have had a café.  The children have been learning how to count money, and add two amounts of money together.  They have also been using their phonics skills to write the days specials.  They have also been developing their speaking and listening skills when roleplaying – the children are very good at listening and responding to each other!



November 2016

In Elephant class we have enjoyed learning about elephants, including where they live, what they eat and how they move.  We collaged and painted our own elephants.  We also learnt the story of Elmer and our own similarities and differences.  We made our own Elmers and Elmer day elephants – they were all very different and showed our own style!


In our beach shop we have been learning to use money.  We have also been on interesting holidays, such as going swimming and reading on the beach!


We have started learning our sounds in phonics.  We can listen to the Letterland stories and songs on the computer to help us remember them.  We have also been doing a lot of writing using the sounds that we have learnt!