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Comments from Parents

"Love the school, my son loves it here and is very happy" - Nursery parent

"I would recommend the school to other parents because the staff are very lovely with the children and are working very hard" - Nursery parent

"My son is very happy and I highly recommend FHI Nursery. Thank you" - Nursery parent


"We are 100% very happy with our experience to date with Feltham Hill. I couldn't have asked for a better school or teacher to teach or care for our child" - Reception parent

"The communication is very good and effective. My daughter really enjoys learning through playing" - Reception parent

"My daughter is very happy going to school. She has enjoyed telling us about different letterland character, digraphs and trigraphs that she is learning" - Reception parent


Learning is always made fun and my son loves his experiences. He is always excited to get back to school and we are very pleased with his continual progression in his learning" - Year 1 parent

"I have seen my son progress in his learning and social skills. He loves school and really loves his teachers. Am really grateful to the teachers for the great work they do. Am really proud of this school with all my kids performing excellently have as a result for the hard work of the teacher and staff" - Year 1 parent.

"The teacher always do a fantastic job of encouraging her. Her reading and writing has come on in leaps and bounds and although we practice at home, her teacher have really helped" - Year 1 parent

"My child is very happy in this school. He likes his class teacher so much. His class teacher is very caring and loving.  As a mother I am very happy with him. So I definitely recommend this school to other parents. Thank you" - Year 1 parent


"Parents evening are really informative on my child's progress, which i value as a busy working mum who wants the best for my child. Thank you to the staff for their support with my child" - Year 2 parent

"My daughter feels safe at school and loves school. I am really proud of the progress she has made. I am really proud of this school and always speak well of it." - Year 2 parent

"My daughter come home having learnt something new. It's lovely to know shes being taught so well. Any problems we have are sorted immediately. We are very happy with her progress" - Year 2 Parent

"The SCD centre is a very good centre. The staff are attentive and caring. My childs teacher also attended the NAS Autism course and has been very supportive and keen to ensure my child achieves his goals develops. The SCD is probably the best kept secret of the borough."