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Badger Class

Spring 1

Our topic this term started with a BANG, when we returned to school to discover a spaceship had crash-landed in the playground! The children were very excited to find the wreckage and spent some of the morning inspecting the remains of the crash.


The children used and developed their literacy skills to write a report on what had happened and what they had found. In the subsequent days they inspected the wreckage, discussed what might have happened and what the “bits and pieces” they found might be. There were pieces of broken metal, bits of plastic, wiring and lots of slimy gloop everywhere! The children, dressed as scientists in lab coats, selected items to investigate with magnifying glasses and microscopes. Later, as a science lesson, they talked about what the objects were made of and what they might have been used for. This has helped to develop their knowledge of materials and their properties.

As part of the topic we read the story of Beegu, an alien child that was lost and stranded on Earth.The children wrote a character description of Beegu and retold the story. As an art project the children created pictures of Beegu, using a colourwash for the background, pastels for the cityscape and collage to depict Beegu (lost and alone in a large city), in the foreground . This resulted in some very impressive pictures from all the children, many of which you can now see displayed around Year 1.  


The children read books about space and some of them recorded what they found out. They then added their findings to our class space fact book. The children were very interested to learn such things as the size and colour of planets, how many moons they had, how some were made of gases, some of ice and rocks and how some even have volcanoes! 

As homework projects many children and their grown- ups made some fantastic planets and rockets, from papier mache and recycled items. They have also enjoyed finding out more space facts from books and the internet and recorded them in their homework books. We were very impressed by all the effort that went into the homework tasks. Thank you!

All in all it was a very engaging topic that gave the children an opportunity to think and learn about the wider world and where we on Earth fit into it. At the same time they greatly developed their reading, writing, art, design technology and science knowledge.

Next topic – Paws Claws and Whiskers!

  • This topic is going to be all about animals - where they live, what they eat, what kind of teeth they have etc etc etc! We are especially looking forward to our trip Hanwell Zoo!

Autumn 2

Our topic this term has been London.

In the half term lots of children visited London to learn about famous places like Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and Big Ben. We were very pleased to receive photos of their visits and we displayed many of them in the classroom. For geography, the children learned to draw maps, with a key and included famous landmarks such as the River Thames and Buckingham Palace. They also plotted London on a map of the United Kingdom, along with all the other capital cities.  

We have been reading many books about and set in London. One of our favourites was Katie in London by James Mayhew. In the story two children go on an adventure through London on the back of a Trafalgar Square lion that has come to life! For writing, the children also retold the fictional Oxford Reading Tree story - A Day in London

We also learned about the Queen. We looked at her family tree and then the children enjoyed making their own family tree. They also wrote their own short biographies of the Queen.

As part of their Geography and ICT skills learning the children practised using co-ordinates and directional language with each other.  They directed each other to different land marks, wrote down the code and then put the instructions in the programmable Bee-bots.

We also found out about some London History when we had a workshop on the Great Fire of London. We were then able to write a recount about the event.

In their busy learning time the children have been using construction media to make bridges “to cross the Thames.” They also looked closely at the design and then made Union flags. We also had our own portrait gallery, where the children dressed up as a royal and used the Ipad to take photos of themselves.  

All in all we had a lovely time finding out about lots of aspects of London and how there are so many interesting and exciting things to do and find out about right here in our own wonderful city!

Everybody also had a great time performing the school nativity this year – Christmas with the Aliens!  This leads very nicely into our next topic - SPACE!

                                                         Autumn 1

This term in Year 1 our topic has been the Enchanted  Woodland.

Badger Class has covered many areas of the National Curriculum through the topic.

For English, we have been reading and writing about woodland animals and plants. We made up riddles about animals and our friends had to guess which animal they were. We have also retold the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We also included some drama with a storytelling workshop, when we acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It was really interesting to learn about the big tree in our playground. We now know that it is a turkey oak tree and that oak trees grow from acorns. We also learned to wear animals live. It was really interesting finding out that badgers live in a sett and squirrels live in a drey.

For Geography, we have been learning to draw maps with a key. We drew the pathway across the Nursery playground which included the forest and we drew a map of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey to Grandma’s house.

In Science, we learned about the parts of trees and the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.

For DT we made woodland crowns and magical leaves and for Art, we sketched leaves, trees and woodland animals.

In music we practised playing on the beat and learned the words to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic song.

Next term our topic will be London, so maybe you would like to take your child to London in the half term and visit some iconic and famous places like Elizabeth Tower, Tower Bridge, Monument and Waterloo Station. Don’t forget to take some photos!

Have a lovely half term!