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Art and Design Around Our School

Art and Design is a strongly displayed and taught curriculum subject area in our school.


Ofsted published in March 2016 stated “There are also displays that act as useful reference points to help pupils with their learning. In walking through the school, it is evident from the displays how much pupils are progressing, for instance in their art work and writing, and how their personal development and safety are being well promoted.”


On this Art and Design page you will see a collection of photos which display creative areas and some of the skills and techniques taught across the key stages in the Autumn term 2018.


In the Centre children have explored and been taught many skills and techniques. In early years the children have been exploring art tools and making marks. The children have made excellent 3D models of hedgehogs. In key stage 1 the children have created colourful prints using a range of printing materials.



In Nursery the children have the opportunity to explore art tools and materials found in their creative areas. The children can freely access the creative area independently and their college work has been celebrated and displayed. This term the children have been taught how to paint and collage spooky spiders.


In Reception the children have looked closely at their class animal and painted it. They had a choice of colour and thickness of brush to add detail. The vibrant creativity areas are used during busy learning time so that the children can practice and embed their creative skills.



In Year 1 the children have been taught a range of skills using a range of media including acrylic paint, watercolour paint and collage. There has been integrate transits art creations made using natural materials. The children have proudly discussed and displayed their creations.



In year 2 the children have been taught a range of skills and techniques in a range of media including sketching materials, watercolour paint and sculpture including clay. Many of the children have loved using transits art materials to create huge, integrate sea screens outside.