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Art and Design Around Our School

2019 Autumn term has been a very creativity time in school The children have been taught skills in drawing, painting, collage and 3D forms. The children have worked collaboratively to produce high quality pieces of work. 


Nursery have been exploring tools and how to use them safely. In Autumn term they have made black spiders out of collage materials. 


Reception have used their class animals as inspiration to create a class animal collage. After their autumn walk around the local area they made leaf paintings. Reception used 2simple ICT programme to create fireworks and used a range of collage and paint to create fireworks on black paper.


Year 1 have been learning about colour, tone and shape by creating self-portraits. In their London topic they are going to create a portrait of the queen painting the background first and then the foreground. Remembering to add details when dry.


Year 2 have been taught about land and seascapes. They studied Carl Warner's collage techniques and made their own version in his style. After studying the artist William Turner Year 2 used his painted techniques. The children used long strokes to paint a seascape background then using thinner paintbrushes painted the foreground remembering to keep the object portions correct. After that dried the children added the final details to the seascape.