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Autumn 2 - November

Since coming back from half term the nursery has gained a spooky Halloween area, with the children putting on witches hats and mixing things in a large cauldron. We have also changed our garage to a fire station where the children dress up in costumes and live the life of a firefighter, not just putting out fires and rescuing cats but also eating their dinner and working on the computer. The outside area has also gained a fire station role play area which has a gym and exercise challenges for the children to complete.



We have made spiders using different collage materials and have also created pictures by printing with different shapes and different objects. A lot of this artwork will be used for displays within the nursery and the wider school, however it will all make it home eventually.



Autumn 1 - September & October

The children have all started to settle in well at the nursery and although some days we still have tears and tantrums this is all part of the process. Busy learning is taking place as are taught carpet sessions where the children are able to develop their knowledge skills and understanding in a wide variety of areas. We currently have a garage for repairing cars in the nursery as well as a home corner where the children are able to role-play preparing food, doing the washing and looking after the babies.


The art areas are always popular with many children creating a picture of some sort each day so prepare for masses of paintings, collages and drawing to be coming home on a regular basis.


Outside the children have been using the bikes, the balancing and climbing equipment as well as a variety of different activities. These are all shared with the reception children helping to develop turn taking with unfamiliar peers.