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What's happening in Year 1...


Sydni - Penguin Class



'In year 1 we are making statchoos. I made a buda out of Clay in art. I decoraited it with seecwins and shieny paper. The colors are silver and gold and perpol and green.'



Errie - Seahorse class


'In my class room I have a rain forist area. I explore the anemals, my favorit  one is the frog because it jumps high. We use magnifying glass to see small anemals better.'


Milo - Starfish class


'In bisy learning we have been maiking cloks to help us tell the time. I no that if the big hand is on the six it means it is half past.'




Amelia - Dolphin class


'We have been making some zoolab  animals. We have used tissue paiper, wool and straws. My favourite zoolab animal  is a  snake.'