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Year 2 Bauble Workshop

Year 2 enjoyed taking part in a bauble decorating workshop.

Himani Juneja - Bumble Bee

'All of the tables had different colours to paint the baubles, my table was golden. They also had blue, green and red.

We used sponge stamps with white paint to make a snowman. We made two snowmen on each bauble. We decorated the snowman by putting a carrot for his nose. Two buttons for eyes, more buttons for his mouth and some more for his body. We also gave him a hat and stick hands. To make the buttons we had to use the pointy end of the small paintbrush.

Everyone could put a different picture on the back to do with christmas. I put a snowflake in white and blue. We used the end of the little brush again to put snow on the bauble.'


Harrison Sutton - Bumble Bee

'It was fun because we was allowed to paint as a group in Year 2. It was fun because we can take the bauble home and put it on our christmas tree.

My bauble was blue with a snowman. I made the dots for the snowman with a sponge. The paint was very shiney and so was the bauble.

The bauble was hanging on a hook so we could paint it without it falling off and smashing.'