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Slime Workshop in Reception

A scientist came to our school and taught us about the properties of slime.


We learnt that slime is always a liquid because it will take the shape of the container it is in. Fairy liquid is runny like a liquid should be but some slimes can trick us, like putty, because it feels hard. The scientist showed us that it must be a liquid because after a long time it spread into the shape of the container. 


Air bubble race - “I held the syrup. The bubble took a very very long time to get to the top! The water bubble was the quickest”. 


“The green slime made a rude noise when she pushed it in the pot!”

“The red slime bounced when she dropped it on the table!”


Cornflour slime - “Mrs Baker got the white slime all over her hand... It was hard first and then it went drippy”.

The scientist told us how to make cornflour slime at home… Follow this link to see the recipe! It’s so easy, you only need cornflour and water!!