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Engage Day- 'Castle Day'

Year 2's 'Castle Day'

Year 2's topic for this half of the term is 'Castles'. So after after half-term, children in this year group came dressed up as person who lived or worked in a castle in the medieval times. There were some amazing costumes! The day was also filled with fun-filled activities; such as bread making and designing goblets to then completing the day by having our very own medieval banquet! In the banquet, there was food and drink for the children and performances!

Here are some views of the day from the children:-

"On Castle day we made goblets, it was really fun! After asssembly we went to different classes to different activities, I done castle weaving. It was hard for me, my cutting was wonky. I didnt know it was hard? After lunch we had a show, we had a jester and acrobats"- Shay.

"During Castle day we had a feast and we drank from our goblets. We had some apples and pear to eat for our feast"- Reece.

"On Castle day I dressed up as a king. And then we made goblets then we had a feast. And then we had acrobats and jesters, Then we ate and the end!" - Nicholas.