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World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March 2017

"On world book day our school dressed up as characters in a book! I dressed up as Little Red riding Hood. Our class went into groups and we planned our own fairy tales. After a while we went to assembly but we first had to tidy up the class! Finally we acted our fairy tales and then we recorded it but it had to be perfect. Luckily we showed our fairy tales and some of them were funny. I liked Grace's tale because at the end Grace and Zack got married" - Hanna.

"I was Spider Girl on Book Day the Thursday 2nd March. She is red and wears blue shoes. She is my favourite character. I like Jagoda's she was a cat and I like Husna's, she was a princess. Spider girl shoots webs and is a hero. She saves people's lives"- Sofia.

"On World Book Day I dressed up as Harry Potter. He's my favourite book character! We got into groups and made our own fairy tale"- Archie.

"I was a dinosaur. That is my favourite book character! In the morning we made our very own story. Maja was a guard, Alex was a dinosaur, Archie was an evil king, Daisy was a good witch and I callie was Explorer Alice. After assembly we recorded the story on the iPads. World Book Day is all about the world remembering to read books"- Callie.

Even the teachers dressed up!