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Visit by a British Athlete

Lina Nielson



The Year 2 children have written about an athlete who visited this week:

Lina Nielsen

We are learning about the Olympics and today  there was this person called Lina at school. This year Lina is going to be in the Olympics in Brazil Rio. The last 4 years she could’ve been in the Olympics but it was up to her, she decided she was to young.  The last 4 years it was in London Lina told us how to do a Relay with batons.Lina has a gold medal the best sport is running her goal is to sprint 400m . She also told us how to bunny hop for a warm up. Lina is a sprinter we had a race against Lina some of us were faster. Some of us were slower. One lap takes her 55 seconds.  She is now 20.

-By Ahad


Lina Nielsen

Lina had a gold medal it’s very heavy we all got to hold it . She was coming to the Olympics this year. She ran 400 m . 24 country come to the Olympics . Lina and her team won a gold medal for winning the sprinting race they were in first place . They can also win trophies . Lina is 20 years old and her name is Lina Nielsen . She was 11 when she started practising for the Olympics .

-By Ruth