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'Safer Internet Day'

'Safer Internet Day'-February 9th 2016

Our school took part in 'Safer Internet Day'.

In Year 2 have been learning how to be safe on the internet.

"Never go on random websites if you don't know what they're for"- Youssef.

"Always have a grown-up nearby when you're on the internet"- Thashwin.

"If you're messaging someone, don't give them your personal details or email address"- Ahad.

"Don't be mean online, always be kind"- Dylan.

"Don't give out personal details on the internet except to someone you know"- Olivia.

"If you don't want to see something, press Hector-the friendly Dolphin. If you don't have Hector, press the close (x) button"- Avni.