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Year 2 Parent's Learning Walk

Last week the Year 2 Parents and carers came to see their children learning in school.

The adults had a year group meeting and then went to see their child learning in their classrooms.

Here are some captured moments, following with quotes from some of the Year 2's.

"I was really excited that my mum saw me in Year 2 like she did when I was in Year 1"-



"My nan came and helped me with my maths work, we were learning about right angles"- William.


"My mum was proud of me"- Salma.


"I was happy because my mum saw me while I was learning"- Sydni.


"I showed my mum how fast i can get my work done"- Jean-Luca.


"My mum and dad came and they were happy with what I was learning"- Harrison.


Thank you for coming!