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Year 1 Tea Party with 'The Queen'

The children have been studying London as a topic and learning about Her Majesty, The Queen. They have been finding out facts about her including her family, what pets she has and her interests. Year 1 was then lucky enough to have a visit from her, so they decided to welcome her with a Tea Party.

There was lots of cooking involved, as children from each class had made something for the party, including scones, mini pizza's, cheese twists, sandwiches and cakes. Also in preparation for the Tea Party, children learnt the National Anthem- 'God save the Queen' and they also learnt how to traditionally greet her with a bow and curtsey.

The children had a fun-filled learning afternoon!

'The Queen's' entrance with her entourage.

Some of the children read out their facts that they had written.

'The Queen' enjoyed listening to the children.

Everyone enjoyed the singing and cheering!

The lovely party food was made in school by children.


Year 1 children and staff thank 'The Queen' and her entourage for their visit!