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Harvest Assembly

To celebrate Harvest Festival, on Wednesday 7th October, the children enjoyed a visit from Reverend Anne from St. Dunstans Church, Feltham.

During the assembly, Reverend Annespoke to the children about what Christians believe is important about Harvest time, which is the importance of sharing and giving food to everyone, especially to those who have less of it.

She also taught the children about where our food comes from. She demonstrated this by having some children come up and help her make a pizza, with different ingredients that come from all over the world. 

One of the ingredient's was a pineapple, which came from Kenya and it has travelled 4,500 miles to get here, another one was cheese, which had come from Italy and has travelled 1000 miles. Altogether, the ingredients used to make the pizza,  had travelled a total of 23,100 miles!

The children seemed very excited to learn about this and then were able to enjoy the cooked pizza at lunchtime (if they wanted to)!

 We thank all of the parents and carers who donated food and drink for the Harvest Festival, of which will be donated to a local Food Bank.