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Sculpture Workshop

This week  the Year 2 pupils were visited by Sculpture Artist, Darcy Turner.

Darcy talked to the children about being a designer and inventor (as well as a sculpture artist) and he showed them his inventions and models. He showed them models made out of tape and wire and some of the tools he created to speed up the making process; such as a multi-cut tape machine.

The children then took part in a 'Newspaper Stixx' workshop, where they  made firm sticks out of newspaper to create one huge sculpture.


Darcy has shown some of the items that he has created; a high heel shoe, a small tiara and a fish that opens and closes its mouth, all made with wire and tape.


A face sculpture (below) created by Darcy using Newspaper Stixx. He also showed us a stool and basket made out of the same material, which he uses for himself in his workshops!

The children followed Darcy's directions when making their 'Newspaper Stixx'.


They needed to make sure they got the right amount of newspapers and folded it in a certain way before using the machine.

 A Newspaper Stixx Rolling Machine


The children attached the sticks together using cable ties.


After all the classes had completed their workshop, making the sticks and joining them, creating the huge sculpture, this is the final result- a lovely big ship!

Well done Year 2!

A thoroughly informative and enjoyable workshop!