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Year 1 trip to Painshill Park

The Year 1 classes visited Painshill Park on June 1st and June 8th.

Painshill Park is situated in Cobham, Surrey and is an 18th Century, landscape garden, which was created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton, between 1738 and 1773.

The children were involved in lots of physical activities such as, going on a minibeast hunt, to look for insects in different habitats. They then also swept the meadow with nets, looked under logs and shook trees over a white sheet to see the insects that fall from them.



The children worked together in groups to build a den. They first looked for natural objects and then made sure that each of their dens were warm, waterproof and strong. Once they were finished they tested them!

"I liked building the dens and then eating our lunch in them", William.

"I really enjoyed playing the tiger game", Ihab.

"It was very long but very fun and I liked it when we found the baby snake centipede", Oliver Jay.

"I liked it when we were shaking the tree's on the white sheet and the insects were coming off it, I found a caterpillar, a green and grown-up one", Marcel.