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Year 1 visiting St. Dunstan's Church

Reverend Anne from St. Dunstan’s Church here in Feltham visited the Year 1 children last week and answered questions about Christenings and Baptism.

Then the Year 1 children visited St. Dunstan’s Church.

The children had a pretend Christening by naming a baby and pretending to be parents of the baby being christened and there were children acting as Godparents too.

Rev. Anne also showed and talked about the different things used to do the baptism, such as the Font, the shell and the candle.

Rev. Anne also talked about the story of Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan from the Holy Bible. Some lovely volunteers from the church acted out this and then children formed groups and did the same with the volunteers.





A big thank you to Reverend  Anne and everyone at St. Dunstan’s church for their time and warm hospitality.