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St George's Day

On Thursday 23rd April the children who were members of various clubs outside of school were allowed to wear their club uniform.

We had children who were wearing uniform from different scouting and guide clubs such as 'Beavers', 'Badgers', 'Brownies', 'Rainbow' and others such as the 'St. John Ambulance' club. This is because Scouts and Guides throughout England parade through the high streets and then attend a special St. Georges Day service with their local churches.

St. George is known as the Patron Saint of England, who was a brave Roman Soldier who protested against the Romans' torture of Christians and died for his beliefs.

The children also had a St. Georges day assembly, were the children wearing their club uniforms had a chance to show and talk about their club.

Also during the assembly Mrs Gilbert talked about one of the best known legends about St. George which is about his fight with a dragon and that is why he is also known as the 'Dragon Slaying Patron of England'. The story was read whilst two children were holding up an ancient picture of this legend.

At the end of the assembly Mrs Gilbert gave the children some homework which was to find St. Georges flag. This flag/emblem is a red cross with a white background, which is the flag of England and is part of the British flag which was brought to England in the 12th Century.