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Astronomy Roadshow

Year 1 and 2 children enjoyed a very exciting visit from an astronomer.

They learnt lots of information about space.

The children were asked what they knew about astronauts and the visitor was very impressed by their answers...

Fredericka -

'If they don't have a helmet they won’t be able to breathe.'


George -

'They have to have a special suit because of the different gravity.'




The children were then tested on their knowledge of gravity by a 'baked bean experiment'. They had to work out if a tin of baked beans would be heavier or lighter depending on what planet they were on.


George -

'If the planets are bigger the beans are heavier.'

Layla -

'It depends on how much gravity there is.'



After a little introduction the roadshow continued inside the tent, which was very exciting.


What do we know about the sun?

Kayden - 'It is made out of fire.'

Daniel - 'The sun is a star.'

Why do we see the sun moving if it doesn't move?

Rory - 'Because the earth moves around.'


The children learnt that the moon has no atmosphere, there is no air and that is why the sky is dark.

Cailan - 'They have to wear a pack of air on their back that they breathe through their mouth.'

We can't feel the world moving because it moves at the same speed all the time.


Some of our students had their 7th birthday yesterday and were interested to find out that meant they had been around the sun 7 times on that day.