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Windsor Castle

Last week the Year 2 children went on an exciting trip to Windsor Castle because they are learning about castles and what they were used for.

Some children have written about what they learnt on the trip and their favourite bits.


Lily – Butterfly Class

'My favourite bit was when they told us that if the enemies were twenty miles away it would take one day for them to get to the castle.

We got there by coach it took quit a long time to get there. When we got there it looked amazing.

Sometimes a person would come in the hall and teach us about Windsor castle.

I would like to go again with my family.'

Louis – Butterfly Class

'My favourite part was looking at all the shield’s in Great George hall.

We had a check list of objects of the castle and when we saw one we checked it.

We went to Windsor castle because we were leaning about feature’s of a castle at school.

We went to the moat room and a lady told us lot’s of information about castle.

We saw the place’s  where the Queen’s family were berried.'

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