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Circus Skills Workshop

The children have learnt lots of tricks and skills in the circus workshop, practising their balancing with fun activities.

Scarf throwing -

The children had to throw the scarves in the air and grab it with their hands. Once they had a bit of practise they added tricks to make it more difficult. For example, the children had to see how many times they could clap their hands and then catch the scarf before it hit the floor. After they had to do head, shoulders, knees and toes before the scarf hit the floor.


Karina, Dolphin Class -

'We had to throw the scarf and try to clap to 100, I can do 11.'

Charlie, Penguin Class -

'I could do 10 claps and still catch the scarf!'


Plate Spinning and Tight Rope -

Dolphin Class learnt how to balance some plates, it was difficult to hold the plate and spin it at the same time but they done really well. They had to practise their balancing skills even futher by walking on a tight rope!


Jana, Dolphin Class -

'The tight rope was scary because I nearly fell off. I'm looking forward to balancing the plates and had a lot of fun catching the scarves.'

Engshang, Dolphin Class -

'I liked balancing on the tight rope, I had to look forward. It was my favourite. It was very difficult but I would do it again.'


Lexi, Penguin Class -

'I done the tight rope. I was nervous but happy when I finished.'

Roxy, Seahorse Class -

'I really like the tight rope because we got to walk on it and it was fun. I was happy and it was only took me 1 minute to cross, I was super quick. Balancing the plate on my hand was fun and I could also balance the feather on my chin.'


Peacock Feathers -

It was a lot of fun balancing the peacock feather. The children had to make sure their hand was flat in order for the feather to balance properly. Some children were good enough to practice balancing the feathers on one finger or even their chin!

Pedals -

The children had fun cheering their teachers on when they had a go on the pedals.

Maggie, Seahorse Class -

'The pedals were my favourite, I liked putting my feet up and down on it, I was good at it. Throwing the scarves was good as well.'