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Drama Club

In drama club the children enjoy a variety of activities and games that really express their imagination. The also learn skills like facing the audience so they can hear you perform and acting at different paces.


This week to warm up the children had to pretend a part of their body was being pulled forward by a piece of string. They did it with their elbows, knees, fingers and many more.

After the children took part in some improvisation, they were given props for inspiration and had to act out their own scenes in partners and smaller groups.


Zi Jie He & Eileen's improvisation– Zi Jie was asleep and Eileen was on the phone to the school. Eileen went to wake Zi Jie up and he stated ‘Oh no! I’m late!’

Auria from Bumble Bee Class – ‘I like drama club because we do acting. When I was a chef I was wearing an apron, I acted out cooking a cake’.

Karina from Dolphin Class – ‘I like acting stories. I was a cheerleader and wore a read skirt with white stripes’.

Zuzanna from Butterfly Class – ‘Drama club is fun because we can act out lots of fun things. My favourite thing so far was acting out in front of the audience because we can do fun things on stage. I acted as a cheerleader and pretended to have an accident with the baker. We pretended that she cut my finger’.