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Great Fire of London Workshop

Fire! Fire! Great Fire of London Workshop comes to Year 1. 

On Wednesday, 9th May, 2018, 'Tina the Time Traveler' came to Feltham Hill to ask Year for help going back in time and exploring a diary she had found. This diary belonged to Samuel Pepys and the children joined her on an adventure through the events of the Great Fire of London in 1666! 

On their journey, they first found a quaint bakery on Pudding Lane owned by Thomas Farriner. The children helped him make cakes and other delicious baked goods for King Charles II. All of the 'baking' was hard work so they decided to take a nap. Unfortunately, a small spark flew from the oven and started the chaos that would become the Great Fire of London! 

The Year 1 classes joined together to 'make' Pudding Lane and she how fast the fire spread and destroyed London. They learned that the strong winds didn't help, as well as the houses being very close together and made from wood and timber. The children thought about what different sounds they might hear during the fire - wind, sparks, crying, water splashing- and made a 'sound story' together. 

The children continued to learn more about Samuel Pepys and his diary entries. They also learnt that some people started burying their precious goods in their gardens in hopes that the fire wouldn't destroy them. Each child shared which special item they would bury and pretended to do so.

Their adventure continued with a 'long walk' to St Pauls whilst expressing their feellings on the way. Unfortunately, they soon came to learn that St Pauls had been destroyed in the fire as well! The children showed how frustrated, shocked, scared and cross some of the people must have been. 

After 5 days, the fire finally started to die down. The children pretended to be on the River Thames watching the scenes and the ruins. They practised getting buckets of water to help put out the rest of the fire. In the end, the children went back into the 'time machine' to 2018, shared their favourite part of the day and learned a rap to help them remember the events. Thanks for the fun adventure Tina Time Traveler!