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Year 2 visit St.Dunstans Church

Year 2 had a learning visit to our local church

As Easter is coming up and for their current RE topic,  Year 2 visited St. Dunstans Church to learn about why and how Christians celebrate Easter.

Reverend Anne and her lovely church helpers had a small workshop in the church where children learnt about Easter week -  Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Reverend Ann showed children the crosses that were made out of palm leaves which are used on Palm Sunday in churches and she also very kindly gave one to each class to take back. There was also an opportunity for the children to ask Reverend Anne any questions that they had.

Next week, the Year 1 classes will also get a chance to visit St Dunstans Church to learn about the Easter celebration.

Here are the photos from the visit...