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STOMP! Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop for Reception and Key Stage 1

This week all of the children have taken part in a dance workshop with a former STOMP performer- Peter Francis.

Children learnt how to copy and repeat music patterns and rhythems using their hands, feet and bodies and they had to make sure their listening skills were good! They also copied STOMP inspired dance routines which involves clapping, twisting, turning and stamping your feet on the ground.

To complete the workshop children created their own dance routines, working in small groups- of which they then performed to each other in their class. 

Peter has recently formed his own company called Nebula Artistic who provide dance workshops for schools. Below is further information about him and his company quoted from the company's website:

"From performing with Stomp, the Vienna ballet and Bluemoves, Peter has devised various dance workshops and with the help of other artists Nebula Artistic workshops are now growing in number and variety, spanning the artistic spectrum".

Peter performing with the Vienna Ballet.

Above is a photo of Peter performing with the Vienna Ballet.

"Our aim is to draw from the skills and experiences of artists from a variety of backgrounds in order to develop services and workshops to Schools, businesses and the general public. We believe that the arts are an important part of a rounded education and also a unique method in which to promote teamwork and build confidence in the workplace, we therefore will endeavour to provide the perfect service to fulfil your artistic requirements".


"Our workshops are devised and delivered only by industry professionals and we guarantee the highest standards possible. Our workshops and team building services change and progress so please check for updates workshops and services".

Here are photo's taken from our school's workshop with Peter...