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Welcome to our school

Our motto is







Alongside our vision means we create an ethos where we develop the whole child in a safe

and happy environment.

Our children are taught to respect each other’s differences and celebrate diversity. We embrace

British Values which are embedded in our school rules and provide many opportunities for children to

make choices in the learning environments and through the School Council.


As leaders we judge ourselves as Outstanding in all areas. This was supported by Headteachers in November 2018, April 2019 and by Ofsted in February 2016.


All visitors to our school including Ofsted are impressed with our exciting curriculum, the engagement of the children, the quality interactions from adults and the amazing behaviour from all the children.

Please click here, to read the whole Ofsted report.

In our school children learn through play and real experiences. We use the term ‘Busy Learning’ which means children are being busy apply Reading, Writing and Mathematics skills across the curriculum.

We also provide first hand experiences which we call Enrichment to support our cross curricular approach to learning.


The Enrichment timetable can be found by clicking here.


This year,  visitors have included:

A significant people in history workshop

Earthsong music workshop

The strong reputation of our school means that we have had many colleagues and leaders from other schools visit us to celebrate our unique way of learning.

In our school most children make expected or outstanding progress from their starting points including identified groups.

We are delighted that the achievement of the children is high with many children working above government expectations by the end of Reception and Yr2.


Pupils with special educational needs & disability (SEND) are very well supported in our mainstream and specialist Centre and they achieve as best they can depending on their specific needs.

Click here to view our results

Every time I walk around the school, I feel so proud to see all of our children excited by and engaged in their learning and all staff committed to providing an outstanding education.  

Best Wishes

Angela White

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